Monday, February 2, 2009


Just listened to a few of the songs & noticed one of the channels is out. I've been having problems with this stupid Stereo I have, if its not the turntable or cd recorder its something else. Dig get another cd recorder so hopefully more posts. Thank You for everyone's comments especially Tyler's . I get stoked to hear that younger kids are into this music !
Oh Ana I already have a girlfriend "so sorry !".
More posts if I stop spending three hours at the thrift store waiting for records that don't come out.
By the way thats where the last 5 records i posted are from
Mr Ed


ana-b said...

lol...that's ok...i was only after you're record collection anyway..

i think that gives new meaning to the term 'crate digger' ..don't ya think?


nadorozny2001 said...

Yeah I know. was just ribbing you or was I ?

Tacoma Ted said...

I think I'm gonna' go down to that thrift store too. On 27th right? I heard about a great idea to make sure nobody else gets all the good records first. What you do is put ALL of them into your shopping cart and sort through them in there. That way if somebody comes around to buy some records they can't because YOU have them all to yourself in your shopping cart!!! Sounds pretty good huh?

nadorozny2001 said...

its already been done !!! so thanks for your dough brain idea.
go there today there's lots of records there