Friday, October 31, 2008

Batman & Frank Sinatra

Read about them here-ttp://
Hear The Imperials do- Batman-

KIDS !!! Don't leave your stuff in scanners !!!

i found this in the scanner i'm using at the library

Guitars ,Guitars...

Christmas is less than two months away. Lets see what The Heatkitt Catalogue has for build your own guitars

More Yardbirds & a Dave Dee Mick Tich Article in Bravo Magazine

Get your German Translation book out cause here's a couple of articles for you-


Dave ,Dee -Page 1-
Page 2-

Hootenany Gut Bucket

here's one for all you rockabilly cats-


The Cottonpickers

A couple of nice songs here from The Cottonpickers who were a dance band out of Saskatewan. Dig the reading of the liscence plate. Wonder if the guy moved his car? he probabally still goes on about his plate being mentioned in a song. I don't have their details at the moment but this place will-

Also listen to the same songs here-

No help from you-

Cha Cha-

The ToughTimes

Here's a new young blues band from Tacoma named "The Toughtimes".
I like it , nice raw & live blues from a bunch of younger kids.
Check them out here-
Tell Anthony Ed sent you !!

Buzzard Fat-

Money Tree-
Night Train-

Illes- Ne Hez Ez Ut lp

Here's 4 songs from one of my favorite Hungarian groups "Illes " from their 1968 lp NE Hez Ez Ut
Amikor en meg kis srac voltam -
Eltavozott a nap-
Atkozott feltekenyseg

Songs-Lots more of them

Here's a list of songs for your pleasure . No rhyme or reason for them. No info for most of these. I know Mel Shaw is the guy who managed the Stampeders & Tom Thumb's from the Northwest. Don't Sweat the details , just enjoy
The Dotson bros- Orbit
The Trebletones- Guitar Movement
The Four Playboys-jungle stomp

The Phantom Five- graveyard
The Phanton Five- Cool It
The Spark Plugs-Cook That Chicken
The Spark Plugs-Tear a Love
Mel Shaw- The Swinging Sound
Mel Shaw- Mean Lover
Darry Weaver- Edge of Town
Tom Thumb & the Casuals-Go Go Time

Thursday, October 30, 2008



Soul Star of the Month

Click on the pages to find out or go walk your dog !!!

The Yardbirds- Teen Set 1966

Read about England's most blues wailing group here-

Page 1-
Page 2-
page 3-

Read all About It/ The Girls Teen Set 1966

I managed to use a scanner at the university here so get ready for classic R&R reading.
Here's the first one
The Girls . An all female group who had a few 45's on capitol records one being Chico's Girl
Page 1 -
Page 2-

Fear- Wildwooding Concept 45 456170

Here's a hard rocker from some Vancouver area group called "Fear".
all i know is the 45 was released after the Can Con because it has the symbol. enjoy!!!

Woody Carr

Two by Woody Carr- Long Foot Jean / Have love Will Travel-

Have Love will Travel-

Long Foot Jean-

Instrumentals- Canadian Style

Roy Penney- In Teensville Arc lp 662
Three nice instrumentals for you from the Carl Smith Show's featured guitarist.
the rest of the group is Mickey McGiven rhythy guitar/ Mark McGiven bass/ Bill Bartlet drums.

Sweetie baby-

Galloping guitar-


Gene Dhouhy -Has them cheering at The Vagabond Motor Inn Dosco lp 1441

This group was from Saskatewan. Anyway i've only picked one song from here "What's New Babe" which sort of reminds me of something Jr Walker would record. The rest of the lp has standards- like Long tall texan, Blue Spanish eyes & a long history of music song that starts with nic o lo doen & ends with She loves you.
more info here-
song link-

Pussy Cat's Dream


Here's an orchestra -Valza Karkla koku ansamblis- Love with a Latvian Touch lp with a song called " Pussty cat's Dream" just pretend your watching the 'Leningrad Cowboys' movie cause thats what this sounds like .
Link here-

17 Magazine talks to Cheech & Chong

Here's a enlightning interview from 17 magazines "Youth to Youth" monthly records series-

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i'd like to be at this show.

The Sonics

The Sonics are playing on friday. hope you got your tickets here'a couple of ads from way back when. Sorry newspaper dudes"the Sonics" were from Tacoma not Seattle !!!
He's waiting-
The Witch-

Here's a special treat- "Ken - sings lp " Hear Ken sing " Don't be afraid of the dark" here-

Monday, October 27, 2008

Draw Herman's Hermits & Win a Free CD !!

Here's some Herman's Hermits to draw for you .
I'll will post any or all completed drawings. A free special Mr Ed cd for anyone who sends in a completed pic

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Posts & requests

if there's anything you want to hear let me know. if i have it & can find it , i'll post it for you


Here's a cool song by Al Oster. Nce country guitar with cool surfy guitar.

WAY up there Alaska way -

here's his web page
also more info here-

New posts coming soon.

Apologies.. i'm away at work. i just moved to a new work camp. i have a few days off so will post something soon. thanks for the comments. i have a whole tape of the vancouver radio show, the dj even interviews john hammond jr. be pataient & you will be rewarded

Monday, October 13, 2008

Vancouver B C Radio Ads CFVN 1971

Here's some vintage ads from 1971 ? from CFVN radio.
Dig the Union Jack commercials & others here
Ad #1 Union Jack Jeans-

Ad #2 - Canned Heat /Seeds of Time show -

Ad#3- John Lee Hooker show-

The Gospel Strings

The Gospel Strings- Praise records 1970 ?
This group is from Abbotsford BC which was my hometown.

Nice Surfy Version of "Put Your Hand in the Hand"-

Eric Zaitz - Alberta Moody Folk

Eric Zaitz- Here's a couple of moody folk songs from an lp called " On Stage with The Lariats" . Funny that these pop up on a country lp as they don't sound anything like country & western. On the Big Chief label out of Calgary ,Alberta.
Little One-

Tomorrow -