Monday, June 17, 2013

Lyin' Woman

 photo j22_zps34d54462.jpg
Little Caesar & Rusty
Lyin' Woman
Move Me
 photo j12_zps7a695e12.jpg
Lloyd "Fatman"
Where You Been ?
 photo j1_zps19843df6.jpg
Jean Dinning
Bo Diddley
Remember reading that either Bo Diddley & his band backing up Jean Dinning or his band did (?)
Sorry for lack of posts. Get home for 8 days & have to leave for another month long job. I do have a few things I picked up so will post something soon
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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Boots Brown & His Blockbsuters
Jim Twang
 photo bg_zps74779984.jpg
Buddy Guy
Stone Crazy
Skippin !
 photo cd_zpsca58638d.jpg
The Canadian Downbeats
Surf Party
Got another copy of this Saskatewan groups record.
 photo steve_zps650d397e.jpg
Steve & Maria- He Loves You Diadem Folk Lp 1967
Amazing Grace
Very Last Day
Kind of cool sounding religous lp , Fanati is a cover from the "Jonathon & Charles -Another Week To Go LP"

Last month was kind of a rough month for Mr Ed, got sick in camp, could not stop coughing, first doctor said i had broncitis, second one said asthma, anyway went to the hospital in Abbotsford Bc & was told my electric portion of my heart was all funny, I either had a heart attack or my heart was enlarged !! Speny a few days in the hospital etc.
Anyway this is a start for posts , there will be more
Over & Out
Mr Ed