Friday, November 1, 2013

Out Of Darkness lp

 photo OutOfDarkness_SameTSL0298_zps9849784d.jpg
Out OF Darkness Lp Key Records
Thank You Lord
Solid Rock
Cool UK Religous Group for your listening pleasure.
Thought I was gonna post something seeing as i'm going back to work for 6 weeks
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sick & Tired

 photo garnette_zps5a055b93.jpg
Garry Garnette
Sick & Tired
Cool Vancouver BC Canada Group doing Soul music
 photo phelps_zps70066458.jpg
James Phelps
La Da da, I'm a Fool In Love
 photo wizz_zps95d2f771.jpg
Neil Darrow w/ The Quarter Notes
She's a Fine Chick

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm working & staying at a work camp been finding lots of records but if it's either the turntable is'nt working or due to not being connet to
Anyway dig the cool sounds !!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thats All Folks Till Late October

Going to work long term .
 photo 12_zps1dc75e9e.jpg

Rhythm & Blues Inc
Louie Louie
Honey Don't
B -side is written by Carl Lee Perkins. Ha ha ha

 photo 123_zpsa513fdc9.jpg
Little Boy Blues
Little Boy Blues' Blues
I'm Ready
 photo 1234567_zps935167fb.jpg
Hollywood Sunsets Band
It's Barracuda
Sky Rider
She's a Heartbreaker
Two hot instrumentals & one vocal for ya !!

 photo b6f842f1-b170-4ea6-a022-e0f37c3e5e0d_zps3ef8e75e.jpg
Lotsa Poppa
That's Where It's At

 photo 123456_zps4b2b1471.jpg
The Offbeats
Woman's Liberation

 photo 12345_zps25f8680e.jpg
Dave Holden
Three Soul numbers for you !
See you in October
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Find Yourself

 photo mmm1_zps6b48cbdc.jpg
Marvin Holmes
Find Yourself PT 1
Find Yourself PT 2
 photo mmm3_zps6e2aaab0.jpg
Bobby Moore & The Fourmost
Girl You Do Something To Me
It Was a Lie
 photo mmm4_zps915f78ea.jpg
Gwen Guthrie & The Operators
It's Happening at The Phone Company
Three Fabulous Funk/ Soul records for you. Dig The Bell Phone company flexi disc !!
 photo mmm7_zps0726b644.jpg
George Wallace JR
Little George
 photo mmm2_zps69d72a00.jpg
The Contenders
Rise 'N' Shine
 photo mmm5_zps052b3f5e.jpg
Los Belmonts
 photo mmm6_zps488ebeb4.jpg
Bloody Hoo
Mornington Cresent
The She Takes You Down
 photo mmm8_zpsbfcd8521.jpg
Bob & Shirley
Bridgette Bardo

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Those Lazy ,Hazy Days of Summer.....

More like Mr Ed being lazy. Anyway here's a couple for ya

 photo q1_zpsbcffb110.jpg
Barry Mitchell
The Curious Female
Title song from the movie from the same name.
 photo 13d1d2f6-3e3f-4212-b20d-8cd6334069ce_zpsf0aadfb8.jpg
The Combustibles
Watch Her
Peace of Mind
From India.
That's all Folks !!

Over & Out
Mr Ed

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lyin' Woman

 photo j22_zps34d54462.jpg
Little Caesar & Rusty
Lyin' Woman
Move Me
 photo j12_zps7a695e12.jpg
Lloyd "Fatman"
Where You Been ?
 photo j1_zps19843df6.jpg
Jean Dinning
Bo Diddley
Remember reading that either Bo Diddley & his band backing up Jean Dinning or his band did (?)
Sorry for lack of posts. Get home for 8 days & have to leave for another month long job. I do have a few things I picked up so will post something soon
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


 photo bb_zps57f32b19.jpg
Boots Brown & His Blockbsuters
Jim Twang
 photo bg_zps74779984.jpg
Buddy Guy
Stone Crazy
Skippin !
 photo cd_zpsca58638d.jpg
The Canadian Downbeats
Surf Party
Got another copy of this Saskatewan groups record.
 photo steve_zps650d397e.jpg
Steve & Maria- He Loves You Diadem Folk Lp 1967
Amazing Grace
Very Last Day
Kind of cool sounding religous lp , Fanati is a cover from the "Jonathon & Charles -Another Week To Go LP"

Last month was kind of a rough month for Mr Ed, got sick in camp, could not stop coughing, first doctor said i had broncitis, second one said asthma, anyway went to the hospital in Abbotsford Bc & was told my electric portion of my heart was all funny, I either had a heart attack or my heart was enlarged !! Speny a few days in the hospital etc.
Anyway this is a start for posts , there will be more
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New posts coming soon !! I promise.

 photo db_zps3df0d2a2.jpg
I promise in a week & a half or less. Won't be posting this 45 due to breaking it trying to flatten a warp. Stupid ME !!
over & out
Mr Ed

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gonna Git That Man

 photo ww4_zpsdc967c17.jpg
Connie Francis
Gonna Git That Man
Another cool B-Side from Ms Stupid Cupid.
 photo ww3_zps0fce5884.jpg
John Barry Seven
The Blacksmith Blues
B-side to the James Bond theme.

 photo ww2_zps3075106a.jpg
The Everly Brothers
The Price Of Love
 photo 6a2aff54-e961-4060-a994-d8f7feb7da56_zpsc83fc817.jpg
Willie & The Walkers
Diamonds & Gold
Baby , Do You Need Me
The pride of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. This should have been a big hit everywhere !!

Well thats it folks !!!
Back to work tomorrow night
Over & Out
Mr Ed


 photo 5_zpsfcd6cca3.jpg

Celebration " The Joy Of The Lord" LP
I Heard The Voice
I Found The Lord
People Get Ready

Anybody know who "Celebration" is ?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mr Trumpet

 photo 3_zps98a34c32.jpg
Bix Belair Monsiuer Trompette LP
Le strip
Watermelon Man
The Swim
Swinging 1960's sounds could have been used for a James Bond movie !
 photo 1_zps06884e1a.jpg
Claire Lepage
Bam Bam Bam
La Couer Que Jazz
Just a couple of records today.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


 photo 65432_zpsdd48a339.jpg
Jim Aiello & The Happy Feeling
 photo 79942345-e98e-4d3a-8c51-a094cde12f63_zps8644857d.jpg
Doug Hutton
This Old Train
 photo 8888_zps8fb1f32c.jpg
Bonnie & Charles

 photo 6758_zps548faef0.jpg
Barry Boyd w/The Frantiks
Goin' Home To Memphis
Walk with Me
Four records from Western Canada . Happy Feeling were from Calgary, Alberta,, Doug Hutton 45 is post For Keeps band, Bonnie & Charles are from Winnipeg, Manitoba & Billy Boyd is from Edmonton, Alberta

 photo 6677_zps13b37e26.jpg
Roy Head
Wigglin' & Gigglin'
 photo 7878_zps747e01b4.jpg
Lowell Fulsom
Mellow Together

 photo 333333_zpsbd58bf76.jpg
Qiuntetto Finschi
Rock A Beatin' Boogie
Not a very convincing cover of Bill Haley & The Comets ! They Tried.
 photo 55555_zpsafdcb1fb.jpg
Billy Graham & The Escalators
East 24th Street
Oop Poo Pa Doo
 photo 99999_zps1379536a.jpg
Muddy Waters
Woman Wanted
Billy Graham is hot Soul, Muddt Waters is blues. These on any comps ?

Thats it for now folks. Record posts might be slim seeing as i'm working & not getting many days off. Enjoy the posts & comments are most welcome
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good Times

 photo 669_zpsb9eff342.jpg
Five Americans
Good Times
Finally got a copy of this .
 photo 7777_zps272cf69c.jpg
Tommy Adderley w/ Max Merritt & The Meteors
Whole Lotta Shakin Going On
I Just Don't Undertand
 photo 99999_zps901bd0f1.jpg
Dickey Lee
She's Walking Away
This is pretty good w/Surf guitar
 photo 667_zps73d8000e.jpg
Billy Martin & The Soul Jets
Get Back
Nothing But A Heartache
 photo 88888_zpsb028db28.jpg
Jimmy Holiday
Love Me One More Time
The New Breed
 photo 668_zpse86d1bbb.jpg
Rod Dooley
History Repeats It's Self
Another one of those talking records.
 photo 1818_zps958bac01.jpg
Jermaines Ad
Radio Station ads for a clothing store !

Well I wanted to post more but had a hell of a time trying to get my old scanner to work. These are all from me junking around BC & Alberta Canada. I'll be post some French Singers i found today later this week in a work camp.
Over & Out
Mr Ed