Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Devil's Slate

Al Terry & Jerry Tyler
The Devil"s Slate
God's Gonna Turn Us to Dust


ana-b said...

must be a great album..

Devil's Slate is very very creepy...and the bombs and gunfire on God's Gonna Turn Us To Dust are just flat out bizarre..

thanks again...

nice group of tunes you posted today..hope you get the new turntable straightened out soon...

i've got one thats a little finicky myself..the tone arm weights a real pain to set...

nadorozny2001 said...

i had the guy who sold me the cartridge show me how to adjust the weights. there's other creepy songs on that lp, i might post somemore

waxhound said...

Hi Mr. Ed

I don't know, I don't find the sentiments that creepy, or unusual for Christian country/gospel.

Another fine - and scarcely seen - Fazzio cover!

Gotta love those Fazzio covers. If I had a free wall, I'd have a Fazzio exhibition. That's sometimes the best thing about those LPs, too!


Marc (Canada)

waxhound said...

Hey Ed!

Back again. I thought that "God's Gonna Turn Us To Dust" title sounded familiar.

I think it was on the soundtrack to the movie "Atomic Café."


Marc (Canada)