Thursday, February 5, 2009


Maybe i'll go see a movie or something. Comments are most welcome !!
Mr Ed
Go See A Movie #1
Go See A Movie #2


Hypatia of Alexandria said...

Great googga moogly. Pat O'Day!!! He loves Schick Shadle. "My name's Pat O'Day and I'm here to ask you if you ever thought your life was going nowhere due to drugs and alcohol. I know what you're saying to yourself:"I only drink 25 beers a day... I can handle it"... well you know what? You can't!! You've become a disgusting drunk... and you never even got to hang out with Jimi Hendrix like I did".

Schick Shadle sounds like a lot of fun!!! I hear there's a lot of actual drinking that goes on there.

nadorozny2001 said...

thanks for your insightful comments about pat o'day. you could do some of the world's greatest things but if you turn into a drunk some moron who loves to post stupid things with a phoney name will slag you !!