Thursday, February 12, 2009

Punk Rock

Here"s a couple of Punk records . First one is "The Enemy ". Beats me where their from ? on King Tut Records
I Need An Enemy-
Want Me-

The next one is a Plexi disc. There's no info at all. Perhaps somebody can educate me as to who this is ?


Anonymous said...

Crass - Sheep Farming In the Falklands. It was later released with band info, catalogue no. etc


nadorozny2001 said...

thanks !

Christopher George said...

re the enemy: how about philosophize...YOU BITCH!!

Anonymous said... own THIS and you didn't even know what it is!

i know a lot of people who'd love to have it..

i'm not sure why the band initially released the song in this format, with no label [the latter vinyl is different, different lyrics etc]...

Crass may have been trying to 'slip' the record out they were in deep trouble with the British Government at the time for perpetrating a major hoax on the State department...

the band created the so-called 'Thatchergate' tape which was supposedly a recording of a phone call between Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in which Reagan talks of using nuclear weapons and Thatcher admits provoking the Falklands war...

the thing was, the tape was so close to what could actually be true that it fooled a lot of people in the government...and was reacted to, by the government, as though the tape was real, that is, until it was exposed as a hoax..

afterwards, a lot of folks were literally out for Crass blood...the press went nuts..

as i recall, Sheep Farming in the Falklands was banned by the BBC....


nadorozny2001 said...

all i have to say is the things a guy finds at thrift stores. Seems like lately people have been throwing away alot of cool vinyl. Not sure why though (?)