Sunday, April 12, 2015

For Lack Of a Better Title.....

 photo jy20dee_zps8xlnp8mf.jpg
Jay Dee Bryant
Can't Believe You Want To Leave
 photo daily20flash_zpsj9rbkwjs.jpg
Daily Flash
Queen Jane Approximately
Early alternate version
 photo n20children_zpsg4fn8dd1.jpg
Neigb'hood Children
Woman Think
Later track from this Medford Oregon group. Non LP.
 photo jack20bailey_zpsh5jzjvyt.jpg
Jack Bailey
The Bad Apple
Canadian Bopper.
Here's a bonus track . From A religous lp circa 1972 Called "Youth Live 1972" from Kelowna BC Canada
One Way
There is a Place For You
Well once more the computer is taking forever to load a song. Anyway enjoy the songs
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mixed Bag

 photo fin_zpshgqsgf82.jpg
Jee Jee Jee
Scandanavian version of The Chipmunks. Not really sure what the title is (?)
 photo jim20bowman_zpsmfalrrbb.jpg
Jimmy Bowman
Big Red & The Cool Yule
 photo freddy20hampton_zpsjzarvpnx.jpg
Freddy Hampton
Press Me A Rose
Song has a creepy vibe to it.
 photo casey_zpsbqwcguoy.jpg
Casey Kasem
Letter From Elana
Fan letter written about The Beatles . RIP Casey Kasem
 photo 96879284-8353-499d-8bc2-d914539cd8be_zps7g1aogml.jpg
Chamber Of Commerce, North Pole,Canada
Jungle Bells
Christmas Record produced in Saskatewan and Released by an Ontario label

Ok I guess thats it for now cuase my scanner is acting funny
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Three From Canada

 photo linda_zpsprnfrh55.jpg
Linda Layne
Hang On To Me Know Baby
I Will Bring Sunshine
Female singer backed by The Sparrows.
 photo guess20who_zps0pws0ctq.jpg
Guess Who
Two Wheeled Freedom
 photo stampeders20ep_zpscsku8pxv.jpg
You'll Never Know Until You Try
New Brands
Ace Up His Sleeve
Jim Wheeler & The Spokes
Secret Spy
Shades Of Blond
All Your Love

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Boom Boom

 photo sakura_zps1kzmb3mu.jpg
Sakura Teng
Boom Boom
Stupid Cupid
Chinese version , backing by The Quests. From Singapore
 photo arch20hall_zps4rjatn4y.jpg
Arch Hall Jr
Konga Joe
Monkey in My Hat Band
 photo larry20bright_zpsrqzmoimh.jpg
Larry Bright
Bacon Fat
 photo barbara_zpsnsjvv3tu.jpg
Barbara Lynn
Club A Go Go
Watch The One
 photo mariners_zpsm3df7m3v.jpg
The Mariners
Zindy Lou
 photo coasters_zpsvhav9ejz.jpg
The Coasters
Money Honey
 photo leonard20king_zpsxo2dunna.jpg
Leonard King
The Barracuda
I've Been Saved
Mixed bag of nuts this time. If I was'nt so tired i'd give you more info.
Mr Ed

Sunday, March 15, 2015


 photo prod_zpskdvdugd8.jpg
The Prodigal Son
My Generation
Tabacco Road
 photo aquarians-crackin20up_zps1yn676tn.jpg
The Aquarians
Crackin' Up

Couple of Bo Diddley beat records for ya.
 photo o_zpsoz5ltlen.jpg
You Are Everywhere
 photo cyril_zps5iu9ib9t.jpg
Cyril Hardgrove
Ain't Got No Fun
Hand Me Down Girl
 photo tom20and20dick_zpsr3p8i0rc.jpg
Tom & Dick
Bloody Mary
 photo twilo_zpsjwwdaqkq.jpg
1st Men On The Moon
A few Nutty records, No idea who "O" were ., Tom & Dick is plain strange and should be sent to the moon. Twilo has some Scotty Mckay involvment.

That is All, no life form on this plane
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Don"t Live Today , Chevrolet !!

 photo cart_zps6obzadkr.jpg
 photo cart2_zpshcfi20eu.jpg
Lorne Greene
Chevrolet Song
Ben Cartright's pawning cars for Chevrolet !
 photo lex_zpsmf0bbanr.jpg
Lexington Avenue
Bird Collector
Flowing Kind Of Feeling
 photo purple20haze_zpsc8e0c1fm.jpg
The Purple Haze
I Don't Live Today
Ticket To Ride
Edmonton group.
 photo jody_zpsmxnllbyi.jpg
Jody McCrae
Chicken Surfer
Looney Gooney Bird
Dead Head tries his hand at singing.
Heard better and worse.
 photo straydogs_zpsth5bcu2q.jpg
The Straydogs
Mum's Too Pampering
I Can Only Give You Anything
Surprised the top side plays as some asshole stratched it pretty heavy. Singapore group . First single !
Dig It !!
Mr Ed

Monday, February 23, 2015

Surf Lps Pt 3

Was gonna put these in Part 2 but ran out of time last night
 photo candyjohnson_zps265880b3.jpg
Candy Johnson Show Featuring Candy Johnson & The Exciters Canjo LP
Introduction & Bumble Boogie
Yes Sir Thats My Baby
Candy Johnson of Bikini Beach movie fame. The Exciters were her husband's group.
 photo munsters_zpse4e8e24a.jpg
The Munsters The Newest Teenage Singing Group Decca LP
Eerie Beach
Frankenstein Had a Hot Rod
Another exploito lp. This time it's "The Munsters". The Lp is no great shakes
 photo star_zps9cf95eed.jpg
Battle of The Bands Starr Lp Hawaii 1964
The Renegades
The Ward
The Statics
Static Beat
Kona Casuals
The Rivals
War Of The Satellites
last Night
Pretty decent Live battle of the bands from Hawaii. The first three songs listed is the top 3 groups.
 photo celtics_zps075b5cc4.jpg
The Celtics Seven-0-Seven Leomatic Lp
Celtic Blues
Mashi Don't Twist
Filipino Group.

Thats it for now.
Over & Out
Mr Ed