Friday, February 20, 2009

Anvil Chorus/ Jason Hoover

Anvil Chorus
Get Together
Jason Hoover
Rhythm Is The Way
We Were Happy

Couple of 45's from New Syndrome Records out of Vancouver. Anvil Chorus was made up of former members of Jason Hoover & The Epics & Ken Wain from The Painted Ship.
I kind of dig the b-side to the Jason Hoover record more than the A-side.

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!vinyljunkie! said...

EHHH Mr Ed You done good. Next time yer in town the drinks are on me... The day after the Trials of Jason Hoover played a gig at my High School I went out & bought their "Rhythm Is The Way/We Were Happy" single. We Were Happy was the tune that recieved the airtime here, peaked at # 13 on the CKXL charts end of Jan/70