Friday, February 20, 2009


Best Canadian Song Ever !! Ill get comments about this but to me its the best Canadian song ever !
David Clayton Thomas & The Bossmen

Well thats it for today. Twenty six songs should keep everybody busy. Comments are most appreciated & Welcome.
Over & Out
Mr Ed


Anonymous said...

... a looooooooooooad indeed, mostly appreciated are the Reefers, Townsmen, The NYers, J Fortune and the Sweet Somethings (can't remember where I heard this track before...)

thanks a lot

!vinyljunkie! said...

A classic indeed. DCT's album "Sings Like It Is" that kicks off with this tune is a monster as well... Another example of the word Damn being beeped is the Daffodil Records comp Proven Blooms were it's beeped out on the "Christmas - Point Blank" tune. The actual 45 & album version are uncensored, but what puzzles me is the reissue CD release contains the beeped out version

DJ WIllie said...

When you consider that most US releases never saw the light of day in the UK, and vice versa, these tracks are revelations! Think a few friends are gonna come looking at this site. Keep the faith, and roll out more of these re-discovered classics. Ta.

nadorozny2001 said...

brainwashed actually came out on tower records in the USA. the Djs here must have ignored it though. Too Many beeps !!

Timmy said...

With all my Blood, Sweat & Tears, I behold a bequeathed squash, drenched in future's willingness to recede. Natchal, Chillen... (BTW, the censored word is Damn!)