Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sorry !!

About getting you fired for looking at the "Nmypho Housewife" pic. Thats how it goes.
I"ve added another Challengers track "Little Big Man". I just forgot to post it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beer Time

I think I'm gonna give it a rest for a few days. As you can see I'm a wealth of information (Not).
Just got a comment from Steve King who did "Satan is Her Name", anyaway come check out his radio show etc here

So if there's anything you would like to add , your comments are most welcome.
Mr Ed

The Swinging Creeper

One of the more fuzzed out Instrumentals by The Ventures. I should do a 12 song post of some of the better Ventures mid 60's album cuts there's some good ones. This one is for Sean Law, Rocking Rod & Kurt Flansberg (Record Geek) , or whatever he's calling himself whenever he leaves a comment. Also,Sean you need to get back on the radio too
The Swinging Creeper
Pedal Pushers

In Sound With Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison Talks to The Music Machine.
Have a Listen-

Peter Scott Peters

Fallout Shelter



The Plunderers

Los Vikings Dimsa Lp 1004

El Salvador group who had an Lp titled" La Inmensidad"
The group was Remberto Tre Jo (Vocals)/ Armando Martinez (Rhythm Guitar)/Efrain Moreno (Lead Guitar)/ Bictor Moreno (Bass)/ Gustavo Larreynaga (Drums)/ Juan Lopez Gonzalez (Organ).
Dame Una Lagrima Para Llorar
Tu Crees En mi
Fuera De Atraccion

Mental Cruelty


Buck Owens & Rose Maddox. What else can you say ? I need to post Rose Maddox's version of Jim Dandy
Mental Cruelty-

Mitty Collier

You Hurt So Good
I Can't Lose

Armed Forces Outfits

The Falconaires , Air Force band nothing too exciting thats for sure
Moon River Around The World in 80 Days

Port Authority
Navy's band that are a little more interesting. They had another lp of Disco songs that goes for big money for the "beats" crowd

Ruth Copeland Invictus lp St 7303

Couple of songs off an lp titled "Self Portrait" By Ruth Copeland who is in the screechy singer mode. Cool songs though.
I Got A Thing For Your Daddy
Your Loves Been So Good to Me

Purple Haze

Alabama group . Nice fuzz guitar. Sorry no B-Side due to it skipping real bad
Shades of Blue

Elliot Shavers & The Bossmen


Elliot Shavers & The Bossmen
Toe Jam
Rice & Gator Tails

Yogi Bear's bands

Another one from Hanna Barbera records. Ron Gray who is from Lousiana from what i can tell.
Hold Back The Sunrise-
The Shake


Pete Lancaster & The Upsetters. UK group who had a following in Germany. There's a Bear Family Reissue worth getting by this group. Here's One of their 45's
One Night

Monday, January 26, 2009

Later Days

Thats it for tonight. Hope you like the posts. Comments are most welcome.

The Loving Sandwich

Split lp from some New England prep school. One side is Folk Music , the other side is "The Instincts" who must have been the school's token garage band.
No No No-
Gimme Some Lovin'
Don't Look Back

The Challengers

Martha Does-
Letting You Know
Little BNig Man
Here's some more pics of this Puerto Rican group.
Pic #1
Pic #2

After 4

CTV's After 4 .
Tv teen show out of Toronto that had different groups appear . Anyway Yorkville Records put out an lp with the Ugly Ducklings, Ronnie Hawkins etc. Here's Three of the better cuts. The Ugly Ducklings cut "Epilouge " is abysmal to say the least.
Ronnie Hawkins
Mary Jane
The Scarlett Ribbon
4 in the Afternoon
Big Town Boys
Do It to Them

Marv Dennis IV- Caught in The Act lp

Wisconsin Lounge group who does a tough version of "Honeycomb" amongst the lounge swill. Dig The corny "Termites" skit



The Hollywood Persuaders

From The Drums A GO GO lp "The Hollywood Persuaders" . It's Paul Buff by the way
Hollywood A Go Go
Rush Street

The Lustful Sexlife....

Do you know what your wife is doing ? She's not here by the way or is she ? . More records coming later tonight. The Loving Sandwich lp, Hollyowod Persuaders lp etc
Here's a song for you-
Dave "Mr Talent" Fredricks
Pink Panther

Party Tapes !!

Here's a mish mash of songs for your "Party Time" tape pleasure.

Mark Evans- Its Love
Harold Evans-Foggy
Harold Evans- Party Time
Little Johnny & the Silvertones - Rock Till The End Of Time
Tom & The Tonadoes- Judy
Tom & The Tornados- Long Pony Tail
Ronnie Cook- Goo Goo Muck
Mr Clean & The Cleansers-Lil Herman
Mr Clean & the Cleansers-Think
Frank Roberts-Blue Groove
Liz Lands- Midnight Johnny
Carl Jones- R&R King
Linda Hopkins- 3 time Loser
Ron Jordan- Long Tally Sally
Johhny Chernacov- Verslav Twist

Enjoy !!!

Cha Cha Rock


Ricky Aquary & the Keys
Cha Cha Rock
Fred White & the Dealers-

"Bra Gang Girl" Arrests Update

For the Terrorists have truly won when they have "Bra Gang Girls" !.
Well 3 Records for you at the moment. All scratchy but cool. Oh if you get a chance get "The Jesters " CD that came out on Ace Records . Cool R&B like music by Sam Phillips sons's band. This sounds more like Ronnie Hawkins Early stuff than The Sonics Though.
Here's a sampling-
The Jesters
Strange as it seems

La Moomba Kasa Boo Boo Cha Cha Cha

Los Angeles label, who knows where the group is from. Another Goodwill find.
La Moomba Kasa Boo Boo Cha Cha Cha-
Red Tiger Shoes-

The Starr's

Cool R&B numbers here By The Starr's, whoever they are. Found at the Goodwill downtown last week. Sounds as rough as the label looks.
Crying Over Her
Ain't got no home-

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kitty Kat

Paul Ott
Kitty Kat

48 Thrills

I remember seeing this band "Rootes Group Service" & being mightly impressed.
The group was Ted Atkins-Bass/ Daaren Boreham-Lead Guitar/ Bill Sandell-Guitar & Rob White-Drums .
On the Square Target label out of Seattle circa 1996
48 Thrills

Purab Aur Pachim Soundtrack


Was gonna feature a Song called "Love Me" but its not the one i wanted to use. This track was on that Bollywood comp that came out a few years ago & called "Ganges A Go Go"
Check out the movie as its pretty cool especially the fight scene.
Anyway here it is-

Face Value

Later Lp by Jim Doval & Los Gauchos titled "Face Value"
This lp is all over the place. Some lounge, cool instrumentals & soul. The back cover has one of the members faces scratched out. On the world famous" Chrysanthemum" record label.
Down in Mexico-
Good 'n' Bad
Something's Wrong

Praise The Lord In Many Voices Lp

Live lp recorded at Carnegie hall. One side is titled "Mass of the Pilgrim People " , The other is titled "Mass for The Secular City"
Side 1
Sister Miriam Therese Winter, Medical Mission Sistsers & Paulist Folk Singers-
Lord Have Mercy-

Side 2
John Ylvisaker
-Sing to The Lord-
Lament of theCity
Joy in the City

I wish one of the labels would do a proper reissue of John Ylvisaker"s material.

The Night Walkers

Don't know much about them, they had 2 lps . The other is called "Introducing The Night Walkers". The Spanish sung songs remind me of Los Brincos.
El Gordo
Cabia El Tiempo-
Lonely Tuesday-
I've got Something Better

Happennngs At The Gathering Lp

Weird Religious lp from radio statio"KUFO". Has some preaching, some groups etc. Other than the John Ylvisaker Material on here, there's not too much excitement. See more John Ylvisaker up above.Here's a group called "The Blue Flame" doing "Hold On I'm Coming"

Harlem Nocturne

Just found this 45 at the Flea Market today !
Pretty decent version of the standard .
The Cherokees
Harlem Nocturne

Coming Soon

The Night Walkers from Puerto Rico, Putt putt Golf lp By G.G Shin & Other Crap.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nothing Can Change The.....

Check out Davie Allen doing "Shapes of Things to Come !!!!

Blues Theme !!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Introducing "The Haunted"

From Ragpot Magazine "The Haunted"
Page 1
Page 2-

Thats It !

For Now !! Why can't we have bands as cool as the ones on this Flyer ?

Gerri Diamond

Give Up On Love-

African Twist

Stacy Lane
African Twist

Smok Smok

Strange record by this NW band. Smok Smok is what a bird says & the song sure sounds like "Monster Mash"
Kenny & The Drastics-
Smok Smok
The Drastics
Sadness In My Heart
More info on this band at The PNW bands website

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Felders Orioles

Down Home Girl

Zorba & The Greeks


Memories of You

Yesterday's Children


Wanna Be With You

Doin' The Surf


Bob Vaught & The Wheels
Doin' The Surf
Surf in Paradise

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Todays Update

Added a Photo for Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck, another for 5 Man Cargo etc etc

The Cyclones

Second Ep of another of Singapore's finest. Check them out in one of the Ugly Things Magazines.
Your Thoughts, Your cares & You
A New Man
Stop Your Sobbing
I'll Be Home
Here's a bonus track of The X Periments
Mini Max