Monday, February 23, 2009

Air New Zealand's Jet Set

Thats what it says about "The Mauriora Maori's" . This must be a joke or something. One side of the lp is live & in the Maori language , the other side has titles like "What do the flowers think ?" & "Spirit Everliving "
David Sinclair produced the lp just in case anybody cares. Backing band is "The Transeuphonic Onions" . There's more info in Rocktober magazine about this.
Waltzing Matalida
The Ballad of Scarface Joe
Spirit Everliving


ana-b said...

i don't think it's a joke..

more weirdness, please..


Timmy said...

Very nice. Whotica Music in all cit's Glory.

Butterflyrobot said...

I have lived in NZ for 40 years and not come across this one. It looks interesting. Thanks very much for this! It is just a great shame you did not post "what do the Flowers think?" because I, for one, would love to know.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, thats my dad (the one on the left) Ratu Tibble. Hahahaha Classic. Pure gold...any link to the other songs on the album? My ol man does "island in the sun" solo...