Thursday, February 19, 2009

Worlds Of Youth Concordia Lp 79-9066

Always loved these kind of lps. Christians trying to be hip ! I wish I had a hundred of these kinds of lps.
John Rydgren (R.I.P) was a preacher that was from the NW . He preached here in Tacoma for a bit & also was a DJ.He was "Brother Love" on WABC In New York. Anyway he's done other Lps "Silouette Segments " is the lp he's known for. Its been reissued.
This is his second lp(?) "Worlds Of Youth"
There's more info on him on the internet & I'm pretty sure his son runs some kind of website about him.
Anyway dig -
New Songs( New Song, Guitar)
A.W.O.L of Life

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Timmy said...

Joghn Rydgren was a disc jockey, know as Brother John, in Los Angeles on KRLA/AM & KMET/FM & KROQ/AM&FM, from the late 60's through the late 70's. He had a show called: "Heaven Is In Your Mind" named after the great Traffic song. He was hip. He was nice & he had a great voice made for radio. So he was a Christian, don't crucify him for that...