Thursday, February 28, 2013


 photo jj_zpsb0ca6216.jpg
Roy Head & The Traits
Cover (?) of a Lonnie Mack song i think
 photo hh_zpsc428181e.jpg
Debra Swisher
You're So Good To Me
 photo ff_zps52593762.jpg
Koncz Zsusza
I Don't Need That Kind Of Lovin'
 photo ii_zpsf0078569.jpg
Little Willie John
I'm Shakin'
 photo gg_zps5b89de1f.jpg
Bobby Freeman
(I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy
Pair of King Label 45's . I guess the Little Willie John 45 is popular at dance shows...
 photo ee_zpsa35be5f5.jpg
Rod Rogers
Is It Love
Another cool Song Poem by Rodd Keith. Just love the background music all done on a mellotron. found this one thrifting yesterday !!
thats it
Over & Our
Mr Ed

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 photo cc_zps22bd59fd.jpg

 photo bb_zpsd0a7cba1.jpg
U.S Warren
Hat Time
God, Gave Me A Sonh
More info here-
 photo dd_zpsb1ca3b59.jpg
Roger Rodier
Easy Song
 photo ff_zps983e712b.jpg
Willie & The Walkers
(Alone) In My Room
 photo ee_zpsc37329b1.jpg
The Tempters
Wasure Enu Kimi

Mixed bag of nuts this time, two from Canada , a couple from the good ol Usa & one from Japan
Dig It !!
Mr Ed

Monday, February 25, 2013

There Is Something on My Mind

 photo d_zps21c892ea.jpg
Baby Lloyd
There's something on your mind Pt 1
 photo e_zpsbb16539f.jpg
Billy Storm
I never want to dream again
Baby ,don't look down
His best in my opinion !!
 photo f_zps2c4f939d.jpg
Barbara Phillips
You succeeded
 photo g_zps689bdb31.jpg
Kelso Herston
Red Pickles
Hmmmm.... sounds like another instrumental with "green" in the title.
 photo h_zps79dcb117.jpg
Michelle Lee
L. David Sloane

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Imagination Is A Dream

 photo a_zps9a94840a.jpg
Sorry Dudes ain't playing this one but "imagination is a dream" for you
 photo b_zps27521810.jpg
S.O.H Musicians
God's Been So Good
Don't Be Disappointed
 photo c_zps35645493.jpg
Mike Sharpe
Mississippi Delta
 photo l_zpse15f3df9.jpg
Bobby Bryan
I'm pretty sure this is Gene Marshall of song poems fame
 photo s_zps798367e6.jpg
Big Buddy Kaye
New Generation Man
 photo n_zps24e08f6a.jpg
Jimmy Bond & The Goldfingers
Don't Cry
Lucky Goldigger
 photo d_zps35f1b3e2.jpg
Marvin Gaye
Baby Don't You Do It
Saved the best for last here.

Ok Here's Some commercials from radio Station KTAC Tacoma circa 1974 for ya !!
 photo 394848_10200207111768001_1466950672_n_zpsd474a473.jpg
Olympia Beer
Guess Who Show
Canada Dry Gigner Ale
Aloha Movie Ad
Genearl Pants

Its been a little rough around Mr Ed's world. Girlfriend's dad died of prostate cancer last week. It's real hard watching someone turn into a skelton . I thought i never see a holocaust victim cause thats what he looked like at the end.
RIP Powerhouse
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Monday, February 18, 2013

Groovy !!

The Mindbenders Groovy Kind Of Love Lp Fontana 1967(?)
Little Nightengale
Love is Good
All Night Worker
Just a Little Bit
There's alot more to the Mindbenders Than Groovy Kind Of Love

Monday, February 11, 2013

Klakity Klik

The Klak Stik
 photo 5_zpsedbc7635.jpg
 photo 4_zps831849bf.jpg
Klak Klik Stick Song
I posted this on the DJ Melodica blog but seems like nobody goes there

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Battle Of The Brass

 photo 8_zps6c72d450.jpg
The Texas Brass
The Lonely Bull
Banana Split
I'm guessing they were from Texas. Sorry no album cover.
 photo 9_zps6beb1318.jpg
Baja Brass
Sgt. Pepper
White Rabbit
Theme From Op Art
Portland , Or seems to be home for the Baja Brass.
Ok i want feedback on this. Which one do you like better ??
Mr Ed

Hippie Yippie

 photo 9_zpsed1008de.jpg
Vic Woodard, Claudia
Hippie Yippie
My Little Hippie
Another Hippie put down 45
 photo 11_zpsd86c8980.jpg
Jo Kiser
Lovey Dovey
 photo 7_zps6605bd98.jpg
The Road Hogs
My Generation
The Very Last Day
Scottish group does The Who.
 photo 8_zps547b9ee7.jpg
The Inferno
Your Heart is Bigger Than Your Head
The Hurt Does'nt Go Away
 photo 2_zpsd1d4a125.jpg
The Munks
Long Time Waiting
Surprised this one played all the way through as it has a bad edge warp. One of Montreal's finest.
 photo edssy11234_zpse8b13ba3.jpg
Garry Walker
She Makes Me Feel Better
Was gonna post one more but can't find the pic. oh well maybe in the next batch
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Move It On Over

 photo 88_zps489f2f97.jpg
Del Shannon
Move It On Over
Cool later rocker !!
 photo 7_zpsdd9791f6.jpg
Warren Smith
Miss Froggie
 photo 6_zps15b461cc.jpg
Bob Kayli
Everyone Was There
An early Barry Gordy JR production pre Motown (?)
 photo 3_zpsfcf28fd1.jpg
Dale & Grace
Bad Luck
 photo 3_zpsf684287b.jpg
Lightenin' Leon
Repossession Blues
Dark Muddy Bottom
Nice Blues out of Memphis (?)

More later today
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Whatever . figures photobucket has over sized pics etc. Can't have the old design , got have some new crappy things !!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Song For Rosemary

Santo & Johnny
Song For Rosemary

Kevin & Greg
Boy, You Ought To See Her Now !!

The Mark IV Vol 1 Lp Rusticana
Walking The Dog
Mad Dog
Little Girl

Les Majestiks Rusticana lp 1966 (?)
Lets Go 67
Tres Jolie
Be My Girl

Monday, February 4, 2013

WOOHOO We Made The Top 40

Well not really
Tupperware Top 40
Track 1
Track 4
From the "Tupperware Home Parties Lp"
Track 1
You find the strangest records thrifting