Thursday, February 12, 2009


More music tomorrow. Sorry Punk is not my bag But "The Enemy" 45 is cool.Please comment. !! Now anybody got any info on "A Rock and Roll Band" I was told they were this mysterious group from Olympia , Wa that were a cross between Motorhead & AC/DC. I'd post the tape but the sound level is low
Mr Ed


tRasMan said...


The subscription to your blog (through feeds) is not working.

Your posts are really great. It would be really nice making them available through rss or atom feeds.

I'm sure it is only matter of configuration on your blog settings.

Thanks in advance and keep on the good work!

Best regards

nadorozny2001 said...

don't know what rss feed are but if its mp4's forget it. i had a bad skipping problem using them. i don't seem to have a problem downloading them. i can make the files smaller ?