Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Latin Repatory Company

PhotobucketAnother fine soul number here by another unknown group to me , anyway.
I can do it-

The Emenees

Photobucket Here's A cool 45 for the Ohio Art Company
The A side is shit but the B side "Rockelation Beat " is a cool instrumental.
Rockalation Beat-

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Few More 45's

Jerry Woodard-
You Just Wait-

Terri Anders-
Come Back My Love

Johnson Brothers-
Cating My Spell-
Wayne Cochrane-
The Coo-
Stan Cayer-
Crying On My Pillow
Sorry not going into details here .

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Goodnight !!!

Goodnight Y'all !!!

I noticed nobody left any comments last night so I guess no one is interested.

Two Country Tunes

Cool Echoplex sounds from Montana
Bob 'N 'Aires-
Twenty Six Wheels


Some Hot Steel guitar playing from this Baskersfield group.
Desert Stars-
Now Playing-

The Citations


Panda Bear-
The Snake-

Brian Ross Productions

PhotobucketTwo 45s here produced by Brian Ross who also produced "The Music Machine" amongst others.
"Sot Weed Factor" Pheonix group who kind of have a weird "Mothers of Invention" feel to their songs.
Say it Ain't So-
Bald Headed Woman-
Follow up to "ESP",I think this is their second 45 , kinda sounds like " I Can't Exlain" But sill sounds cool.
Hear You Cry-

The Sevilles

PhotobucketSecond 45 By the group that brought you "Charelena"
Salt Mine-


Bernadette- The Slosh

The Slosh-

Square Record

PhotobucketBruce Culver
Square Record-

Hey You, What Are You, Some Kind of Nut?

PhotobucketWell are you ?
Song Here-

Tired Must Rest For More Postings.....

Photobucket More Later Today Maybe ?

Night Walkers- Stix & Stones

PhotobucketLongview Washington's Finest here- The Night Walkers
Stix & Stones-

Give me Love-

Harold Horn

I'm thinking Harold Horn is from Eastern Washington , seeing as Bobby Wayne produced him but who knows.
Miss Ann-

Dew Be Dewey-

My Twisin' Mexicali Baby

PhotobucketRobert Burnie-
My Twisin' Mexicali Baby

A Word From Dick Clark.


Amos Heilicher, 90, Pop Music Hitmaker (RIP)

Some people called him "The Godfather of the Minnesota record business".
Anyway here's 4 records put out by the man who ran or distributed "Soma , Garrett, Banger & other record labels in Minnesota.
Gregory Dee & The Avanties-
For You-
The Accents
Annie Do The Dog-
Sweet Words of Love-

PhotobucketThe Accents-
You Don't Love Me-

PhotobucketKeith Zeller & The Starliners
Carrie Mae-

The Amazers-
Come Back Baby-

Read more about him here-

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Posts Tomorrow ! I Promise !!!


The Endless Knights

Don't Shoot Me Down-

The Devilles- Searching for Love

Vancouver's Devilles here. They spent alot of time in Whitehorse , Yukon though.
Searching For Love-
Mary Lee-

More pics & Info here-

Here's a couple more songs-
Don't Cry On My Shoulder-
Let Her Go-


Sorry about the Deepest Blue posting & Chocolate Tunnel.No one said the people here at Mr Ed HQ were rocket sceintists(SIC). I noticed "Mike Dugo & Chas Kit " wrote something about "The Deepest Blue. Expo67 Has something written on The Chocolate Tunnel.
Oh well I guess we all have the same tastes.
More Posts tomorrow !!
Happy Thanksgiving !
Mr Ed

Leonard Johnson - The Bug

PhotobucketThe Bug-
You Can't Runaway from Love-

Brian Dorsey & The Stingrays

PhotobucketPretty sure this group is from Ontario. "Hitt Records" was based out of Vancouver, BC & had 45's out by The Hi Fives, Titans etc. Andy Laughland (SIC) ran the label . He was a DJ who moved from Vancouver to Ontario. Anyway dig
Run ON Home-

The Deepest Blue

PhotobucketSure would be cool if this California 45 would have a proper reissue.
The Deepest Blue-
Pretty Little Thing-
Somebody's Girl-

More Songs Covered by "The Untamed Youth"

Not harping on The Untamed Youth, At least they had good taste. Here's "The Motions" from Ohio & also "The Outsiders"
By the way, When's the Cha Cha label comp coming out on Norton Records?
The Motions-
Land Beyond The Moon-
I Can Dance-
The Outsiders-
Go Go Ferrari-
Big Boy Pete-

The Electras

Yeah everybody's heard "Dirty Old man " but who's heard "Courage to Cry" with "Vocal by Barbie" ?.
Sorry no pic of label due me not being able to find it on my photobucket account
Courage to Cry-

Dirty Old Man-


Texas group here. Kind of cool sounding "Post Hippie " rock.

Look At Me-

Follow the Rain-

Hip Tune '67 Flexi

Dunno what this is advertising for but Dig this Flexi disc !-
Eddy & the Eddysons-
Oh So Wrong-
Oh Susannah-

Surf Records Label

Don't know anything about this label but here's two cool 45's

Johnny Faire-
Bertha Lou-

Till The Laws Says So-

Duke Lloyd-
Daddy Bird (from the movie "Frankenstein's Daughter")-

Richie Mandell

Nice little Soul Number Here-
You Got Me-

More Later

Like about 70 songs. I want to thank the person who complained about the nude drawings to photobucket. They were taken off. A big raspberry to you !!!
I will post "The Rusty Nail -Boris The Spider" next week as the library is closed till Sunday.
As Per usual,leave a comment if you like or dislike anything here
Here's a song for the RatFink-
Billy Parker-
Shut Your Big Mouth-

The Chocolate Tunnel

Must be a California group. Produced by Gary Paxton. You tell me !

Ostrich People-

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update !!!

Scanned more 45s Etc. Some good & some Bad . Like i said before leave some comments for Old Ed
Mr Ed

Happy Thanksgiving !!

From the Staff of Mr Ed !
Pics here-

Facts About Fallout

You never know " The Russkies" could still drop the bomb on us !!
Be prepared, Comrade !! Look here-