Thursday, March 28, 2013


 photo 65432_zpsdd48a339.jpg
Jim Aiello & The Happy Feeling
 photo 79942345-e98e-4d3a-8c51-a094cde12f63_zps8644857d.jpg
Doug Hutton
This Old Train
 photo 8888_zps8fb1f32c.jpg
Bonnie & Charles

 photo 6758_zps548faef0.jpg
Barry Boyd w/The Frantiks
Goin' Home To Memphis
Walk with Me
Four records from Western Canada . Happy Feeling were from Calgary, Alberta,, Doug Hutton 45 is post For Keeps band, Bonnie & Charles are from Winnipeg, Manitoba & Billy Boyd is from Edmonton, Alberta

 photo 6677_zps13b37e26.jpg
Roy Head
Wigglin' & Gigglin'
 photo 7878_zps747e01b4.jpg
Lowell Fulsom
Mellow Together

 photo 333333_zpsbd58bf76.jpg
Qiuntetto Finschi
Rock A Beatin' Boogie
Not a very convincing cover of Bill Haley & The Comets ! They Tried.
 photo 55555_zpsafdcb1fb.jpg
Billy Graham & The Escalators
East 24th Street
Oop Poo Pa Doo
 photo 99999_zps1379536a.jpg
Muddy Waters
Woman Wanted
Billy Graham is hot Soul, Muddt Waters is blues. These on any comps ?

Thats it for now folks. Record posts might be slim seeing as i'm working & not getting many days off. Enjoy the posts & comments are most welcome
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good Times

 photo 669_zpsb9eff342.jpg
Five Americans
Good Times
Finally got a copy of this .
 photo 7777_zps272cf69c.jpg
Tommy Adderley w/ Max Merritt & The Meteors
Whole Lotta Shakin Going On
I Just Don't Undertand
 photo 99999_zps901bd0f1.jpg
Dickey Lee
She's Walking Away
This is pretty good w/Surf guitar
 photo 667_zps73d8000e.jpg
Billy Martin & The Soul Jets
Get Back
Nothing But A Heartache
 photo 88888_zpsb028db28.jpg
Jimmy Holiday
Love Me One More Time
The New Breed
 photo 668_zpse86d1bbb.jpg
Rod Dooley
History Repeats It's Self
Another one of those talking records.
 photo 1818_zps958bac01.jpg
Jermaines Ad
Radio Station ads for a clothing store !

Well I wanted to post more but had a hell of a time trying to get my old scanner to work. These are all from me junking around BC & Alberta Canada. I'll be post some French Singers i found today later this week in a work camp.
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 photo 8888_zps5f990736.jpg
George Garrow
Tiger Prowl
 photo js_zpsd3d07712.jpg
Jay Smith & The Majestics
Driven Home
Couple cool soul numbers for ya.
 photo 77_zpsafe664fe.jpg
Wes Dakus
Momma's Boy
Don't think this is on those Wes Dakus Cd's (?)
 photo 66_zps0b22d4b2.jpg
St James Road
Strange Loves Of Gwyneth
 photo 55_zps019283f4.jpg
Bobby Guitar
She's So Fine
Not "The Easybeats" song
 photo 1234_zps0810d823.jpg
The Nooney Rickett 4
In The Swim
 photo 9999_zps119dc8dc.jpg
Barbara Lynn
You Better Stop
 photo 6666_zps469c42fa.jpg
Baker Knight
Theme fronm "The Devil's Hand
Peek- A -Boo
 photo 444_zps279e3d8c.jpg
Elmore Morris
Before I Turned My Back On You
 photo 333_zps5900e53c.jpg
The Miracles
What's So Good About Saying GoodBye
I've Been So Good To You
 photo 11111_zps3d8713d0.jpg
The Rotations
One Way Road
Cool NW record !!
 photo 22_zpsdc22f7b5.jpg
Music to Bowl By
 photo 555_zps5af56092.jpg
Fern Fisher
He's The Most

Extra song
The Crusaders
Praise We The Lord
Sorry no scan of the 45, took my scanner & Turntable to storage. I'm going away to work so posts might be a little on the light side
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nuts To You

 photo 1111111_zps9be07d8d.jpg

Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts "Nuts To You " Lp Gross Records 101
Let's Have a Party
The Whole World
You Can't Sit Down
Ding A Ling
Two Old Maids

For an "Adults Only" LP this is pretty good !!!

Friday, March 15, 2013


 photo 1111_zps01eb0f98.jpg
Lil' Davey
It's Time

 photo 22_zps2741d3de.jpg
Jimmy Dee & The Offbeats

 photo 11_zps5d4463ea.jpg
Bobby Jones w/ Joe Hunter & Orch
Takin' Bout Jones
Surprised this played , crack & all.
 photo 33_zps8a05408e.jpg
Spencer & Spencer
Stagger Lawrence
Stroganoff Cha Cha

 photo 44_zps769ab4aa.jpg
Jim Doval & The Guachos
 photo 88_zps5495cd08.jpg
Baby Sticks & The Kingtones
 photo 77_zps269966ac.jpg
Deon Jackson
You Said You Loved Me
 photo 66_zpsae267c46.jpg
Evie Sands
You Got Me Up Tight

Extra song . sorry no pic
Little Caesar & The Consuls

Mixed bag of mostly soulish sounds
Dig It
Mr Ed

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Soul Time

 photo 11_zpseac8bbb9.jpg
Ann Mason
You Can't Love Me
Sounds familiar ?
 photo 2_zps03ebd818.jpg
Hot Tamales
Love's Intentions
Mr Starlight
This reminds me of The Impressions.
 photo 3_zps974826ef.jpg
Billy Davis
Stanky (Get Funky)
I've Tried
 photo 1_zpsb4d3f57b.jpg
Ella Thomas
Ain't That The Truth
 photo 222_zps05a5fc73.jpg
Bobby Bland
Deep in my Soul
You're All I Need
Must have been before he turned "Blue " Ha Ha Ha
 photo 221_zps18918985.jpg
Wilson Pickett
You Can't Stand Alone
Soul Dance Number Three
Thats All Folks !!!
Over & Out
Mr Ed
PS comments are welcome !!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunshine Makes Everybodys Day !!

Sunshine Sunshine Makes My Day Lp 1977
Tell Me Know
You"ll Be Mine
tax Scam lp. sounds like badfinger to my ears !!

Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm Posting Your Song

 photo 22_zps87288062.jpg
Dick & Dee Dee
Were Singing Your Song #1
Were Singing Your Song #2
Cool Demo for Triumph Motorcycles !!

 photo 33_zpse2ebca49.jpg
The Night Riders
Pretty Plaid Shirt
I'll Never Change
 photo 150667914940_zps93c9d45d.jpg
The Rio Rockers
Mexicali Baby
Mexican Rock & Roll Instrumental
Hot Rockabilly Number here courtesy Of Rusty Isabel & Don Cole
Sorry bout the shitty pic, i had to use one off the internet as i can't figure where i put my copy.

 photo 44_zps5044bc15.jpg
Larry Davis
Texas Flood
I Tried
 photo 55_zps78cecdc0.jpg
Sonny Boy Williamson
Don't Start Me Talkin'
All My Love In Vain
 photo 66_zps4d1ec4f4.jpg
Ernie Freeman
Junior Jive
Hot Bo Diddley sounding instrumental for you.
 photo 77_zps7991cf41.jpg
Authur Lee & The L.A.G.S
The Ninth Wave
Pre "Love" Surf Instrumental By Mr Lee
 photo 88_zpsefa1a413.jpg
The Miracles
Early pre Motown Miracles. They must have all been like 12 year olds !
 photo 99_zpsd9ececc9.jpg
Bob Marcus
From Other Worlds
This is outer worldly ! Ha Ha Ha
 photo 221_zpsb59d227d.jpg
Dave Richards
Nine Pound Hammer

Well we'll end it with that one for now. I still gotta scan the labels. No extra charge for the skips on some of these. There's some cool ones in the bunch
Over & Out
Mr Ed