Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day !!

Lorry Lee & Della
Let Him Go Go Go

Clif Bruner
Born To Be Blue
Won't You Mend My Broken Heart

Ken Nault & The Rhythm Rangers
Your Gonna Have to Run To My Heart

Earle Epps
Mr Heartache

Mack & Sandy Ford
I Don't Love You No More

Tommy Williams
Must Be Love

The Lords
There Ain't No Doubt About It

Have A Happy Valentine's Day !! More posts next week .


Anonymous said...

nice, strange, selections..

i like Mr. Heartache quite a bit, and the Tommy Williams cut is killer!..

happy valentines day..


nadorozny2001 said...

I just wish the records were'nt so loved .
Yeah happy valentines to you too !!

Jim Pellinger said...

Thanks for the url to the Mack and Sandy Ford track. I took guitar lessons from them in Oshkosh, WI back in the 60s, and I owned this single as well as several others of theirs on the Cuca label. Unfortunately I lost them all a long time ago. Mack and Sandy used their songs in the lessons, and I still have all the mimeographed sheet music to these songs. I have been scouring record stores looking for the 45s I had--needless to say they are hard to find! Thanks again.