Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Tell Me ?????

Some kind of High school Lp. There's a blank cover & blank labels. Anybody?
Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
Unknown Instrumental
Little Joey

Monday, August 20, 2012

Apollo 10- Guitar Music


Apollo 10- Guitar Music (Nw LP 10) Hong Kong
Side 1 Track 3
Side 1 Track 4
Side 2 Track 5

All instrumentals this time by "Apollo 10" . The lp says "Hong Kong" so I'm guessing thats where the groups from. Dig some nice fuzztone on these !!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Will Have to Do Till...

I Get home from work. I don't have a wealth of records with me . Sorry !!
The Looking Glass
Virginia Day's Ragtime Memories
What am I Doing Crying
Produced by Yodar Critch of Blue Cheer fame.
Tommy James & The Shondells
Hanky Panky
We already know about "Hanky "Panky" , Here's the B-side "Thunderbolt" , a pretty hot instrumental plus it's from your sweetie "Roy"
The Showmen
Che' Farai ?

Decent 45 out of Italy
Sorry no record . Cool Looking sleeve !!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not That "Other Half "

This is the Canadian band from ?. I've seen this listed as 1967 but its more like early 1970's. DIG !!!
Other Half (Private Lp) 197(?) Canada
Warm Summer's Night
In Passing
Stormy Monday Blues

Old Ed would love some comments. I'm stuck in camp bored. This might be one of my last posts till i'm done here
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shake It

Well I'm in Edmonton tonight. I'm supposed to start on thursday tonight now. It's all mixed up. Anyway here's some records I found thrifting today.
Dorsey Burnette
Great Shakin' Fever
Dale Hawkins
Money Honey
This is his first 45 ater being on Chess .should have stuck to a simple band ...
The Contours
Can You Do It
Sandy Borden
Pretty good Soul.
Colin Kerr & Rajah
The Mynah Bird Hop
The Mynah Bird Song
Pretty terible if you ask me, why The Mynah Birds did this I don't know earlier. Anyway you get both sides. Anyody got a copy of The Mynah Birds 45 that wants to sell it to me ?
The Opposite Private Lp Edmonton Alberta
We Say Yeah
Land Of a 1000 Dances
Baby Why
Dark Knight
Don' know anything about this lp . Last two songs are origials written by "Pooch" , the guitar player.
More postings later like The Other Half (Canadian) Lp I found in a thrift shop.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to That Wonderland Known As "Alberta"

Yup going back to work in the Oil Sands, Alberta. Here's some cool records for you to enjoy until i get back.
The King Beezz
She Belongs to Me
What the hell we'll start of with Alberta's finest, "The King Beezz"
The Deverons
Farmer John
Fine Winnepeg band post Burton Cummings.
Gordie Sullivan Lp Gordie Sullivan Sings Plaza Records
Sea Cruise
Rocking Chair Mama
Ride On Jospine
40 Days
Kansas City

The Melody Makers Same Lp Plaza Records
Bed Rock Boogie
Leo's Twist
Walk Don't Run
Hell Boogie
Five Foot Two
Mama's Twist
Couple of lp's from Plaza Records out of Quebec .
Terry Teene
Pussy Galore
Curse Of The Hearse
Sonny Covington & The Original Valiants
Hey Hey Hey
The Statics w/ Tiny Tony
Harlem Shuffle
The Girl Can't Help It
Eddie & The Showmen
Squad Car

Friday, August 10, 2012



Ann Wilson & the Daybreakers
I'm Gonna Drink My Hurt Away
Through Eyes & Glass
Yup Ann Wilson from Heart . Nothing earth shaking here though.
Sound Transfusion
In My Mind
I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
Tacoma band who were originally called "The Night Owls" & had a blind organ player.
Giorgio Gaber
La Liberta' De Ridere

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hot August Nights

John Mitchum
Why Are You Marching Boy
Goofball Right Wing Message . I like it & i'm not a Republican.
Jerry Reed
Rockin' in Bagdad
Cool Early Rocker by Mr Pretty Mary Sunshine
Happy Wainwright
Nothing But Love
Starts out kind of boring C&W but has some hot guitar playing.
Prentice Moreland
Chubby Ain't Chubby No More
Perhaps you'll get a chubby listening to this
Bob Buster
Swamp Hop
From Area 51. Dig It!!
The Tropics
As Times Gone
Cool double sider by this Florida band. B-side has a Zombies sound to it.
Margret Lewis
Somthin's Wrong Baby
Sherri Lee Douglas & The Gondoliers
Chime Bells
Nice C&W/ Rockabilly Out Of Eastern Washington/Idaho. She even yodels !!
Jerry Mathews
All's Well
Cephas- 3 1/2 Years Lp
3 1/2 Years
Jesus (?)
Cool Religous LP out of Pittsburgh . Title song is an original song. Not bad for what this is

Sorry about the lack of posts , my interest is waning at times.Did That DJ gig last month & like 10 people showed up.Seems like nobody cares around this neck of the woods. I apoligize that i don't play terrible new wave ,people!!. Found all these records thrifting so Enjoy !!!
Have a Great Summer !!
Mr Ed