Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Don"t Live Today , Chevrolet !!

 photo cart_zps6obzadkr.jpg
 photo cart2_zpshcfi20eu.jpg
Lorne Greene
Chevrolet Song
Ben Cartright's pawning cars for Chevrolet !
 photo lex_zpsmf0bbanr.jpg
Lexington Avenue
Bird Collector
Flowing Kind Of Feeling
 photo purple20haze_zpsc8e0c1fm.jpg
The Purple Haze
I Don't Live Today
Ticket To Ride
Edmonton group.
 photo jody_zpsmxnllbyi.jpg
Jody McCrae
Chicken Surfer
Looney Gooney Bird
Dead Head tries his hand at singing.
Heard better and worse.
 photo straydogs_zpsth5bcu2q.jpg
The Straydogs
Mum's Too Pampering
I Can Only Give You Anything
Surprised the top side plays as some asshole stratched it pretty heavy. Singapore group . First single !
Dig It !!
Mr Ed

Monday, February 23, 2015

Surf Lps Pt 3

Was gonna put these in Part 2 but ran out of time last night
 photo candyjohnson_zps265880b3.jpg
Candy Johnson Show Featuring Candy Johnson & The Exciters Canjo LP
Introduction & Bumble Boogie
Yes Sir Thats My Baby
Candy Johnson of Bikini Beach movie fame. The Exciters were her husband's group.
 photo munsters_zpse4e8e24a.jpg
The Munsters The Newest Teenage Singing Group Decca LP
Eerie Beach
Frankenstein Had a Hot Rod
Another exploito lp. This time it's "The Munsters". The Lp is no great shakes
 photo star_zps9cf95eed.jpg
Battle of The Bands Starr Lp Hawaii 1964
The Renegades
The Ward
The Statics
Static Beat
Kona Casuals
The Rivals
War Of The Satellites
last Night
Pretty decent Live battle of the bands from Hawaii. The first three songs listed is the top 3 groups.
 photo celtics_zps075b5cc4.jpg
The Celtics Seven-0-Seven Leomatic Lp
Celtic Blues
Mashi Don't Twist
Filipino Group.

Thats it for now.
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Surf's Up " Surf Lp's Pt 2

OK Some of these lps could be called "Surf lps" stretching it . Anyway all decent lps.
 photo spg_zpseeca9d48.jpg
The Spark Plugs- Crazy Beat Sutton lp 196?
Painless Thoughts
Pillow Thoughts
Song titles do not match the songs. Pretty sure the first song is called "Chicken". Not even sure if all the songs are done by the same group.
 photo sentinals_zpsec553705.jpg
The Sentinals Vegas A Go Go Sutton Lp 196?
Get It
The Swim
Same band as the two Lps on Del Fi I think (?) This must be 1965 or later.
 photo the_impacs_zps371c68d2.jpg
The Impacs Impact by.... King Lp
Voo Doo USA
Moonlight Mist
Good Good Lovin'
Shimmy Shimmy
Kool It
Pretty hot Lp from this Florida group. The had a second lp . Check out their website for more info.
 photo invictas_zps06148885.jpg
The Invictas- Jet Set with the..... 20th Century Fox lp 1964
Point Lookout
East Coast group. Thats all I know.
 photo 99df4c1b-7938-419b-be3a-4691b50e7dfa_zpsc47217f5.png
The Venturas Here They Are Drumboy Lp 1964
Chicago group. well the labels from Chicago.

Ok Thats It for now !!
Got a few more for a later date.
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wonderful !

 photo wonders_zps712ec2b3.jpg
The Wonderfuls Estroncio 90 LP
Estas Cambiada
Argentinian group. I have no other info or an lp cover for this 10" lp.
 photo usc_zps1859bd37.jpg
Phi Mu Alpha Varsity Band lp 1973
Jesus Christ Superstar
Sanford and Son
You Go 49er's
Listen to The Band
California State Unviersity Band. Pretty decent lp.
 photo icee_zpse0d26075.jpg
Sticky Ickee
7-11 radio spot.
Okay thats it for now. How about some comments. If I can post these , you should be able to spend 5 minutes and comment
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Mr Ed

Monday, February 16, 2015


 photo legend101megaph-1000x1000_zps94db10ac.jpg
The Legend Megaphone 101 1968
Where oh Where is Mother ?
Yesterdays Child
You'll Be Sorry Someday
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Pre-Dragonfly band "The Legend" not as wild as the Dragonfly Lp on Megaphone but still has its moments.

DIG !!
Mr Ed

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bomping It Up

 photo bompers_zps7bdb0b62.jpg
The Bompers
Do The Bomp
Early Bird
Roger Christian production . B-side is an instrumental.
 photo thezoo_zps75ac351b.jpg
The Zoo
Six Miles From The Cage
Americans in Greece . Recorded four or five 45's there. More info on The Zoo can be found at the Garage Hangover site.

 photo cana_zps14556338.jpg
The Canadian Rogues
Keep In Touch

 photo gil_zps95034d9d.jpg
Gil Batemen
Daddy Died In The Darkness
Sneakin' Up On You
Nw Artist. Most copies omit the b-side.

 photo them_zpsf1d472ab.jpg
Don't Look Now
A Girl Like You
Not the Irish group but a group from Cincinatti Ohio. There's a website run by the group. Find it.

Well another round of goodies down.
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Saturday, February 14, 2015


 photo 7up_zpsdcfb5ac7.jpg
Dominion Seven Up Company LTD
Cold Hearted Woman Track 1
Cold Hearted Woman Track 2
 photo standells_zps981a9c58.jpg
Here's To Veterans Program 1106
The Standells
 photo rempins_zpse447ee77.jpg
Voices of Vista 474
The Remains
You'd think somebody would have caught the spelling mistake !

Extra bonus
Question Mark & The Mysterians (Sorry no photo )
 photo the-kingsmen-trouble-wand_zps50227e37.jpg
The Kingsmen

Mixed bag of nuts. I have a 3 page article on the Remains from Teen Set magazine March 1965 that I need to post.
Later Daze
Mr Ed

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Big Batch of Whatever...

 photo acads_zps90bbe464.jpg
Road Runner
 photo ourcen_zpsf62e67ce.jpg
Our Generation
Cool Summer
Out To Get Light
A-cads were from South Africa . One of the members was in Our Generation after he moved to Montreal Canada. The Haunted's singer Bob Burgess was in Our Generation. More info can be found at the Garage Hangover site.
 photo sos_zps713fa8d3.jpg
Sounds Of Six
Believe in Me
Gypsy Woman
Another one of the countless groups from the Philippines.
 photo derb_zpsd352d548.jpg
Derby Hatville
Turn into Earth
Texas group does the Yardbirds proud.
 photo monstru_zps068861f5.jpg
Los Montruos
No Le Corras
Mexican group . Dig it !
 photo kam_zps46867169.jpg
I'm Gonna Tell You Pt 1
I'm Gonna Tell You Pt 2
A Sunny Day
Cool Group from Yugoslavia. Not sure which group I like better Defini or this group. All the songs were from a movie "Sonci Krik" . The members of Kameleoni were Goran Tavcar, Tuljo Furlanc , Vanja Valic and Jadran Ogrin.

Well another batch of goodies down
Over and Out
Mr Ed

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A little of This , Alot of That....

 photo orly_zps6f821e7e.jpg
Orly Ilicad & The Ramrods
Artie Twist
Lucky "7" Twist
 photo downbeats_zpsc2337d61.jpg
The Downbeats
Lets try again
Couple from the Philippines. Dig It !
 photo distortions_zps17fde766.jpg
Smokestack Lightning
Hot Version out of Alabama !!
 photo amer_zps3cd134cb.jpg
Ronnie Fitz w/ The Country Fiddlers Trio
God Bless America Again
Another one's version of what's wrong with america and how it should be.
 photo jimmyheapshow_zps825e9fb6.jpg
Jimmy Heap Show Here's To Ya Lp
Like this guys version of Let It All Hang Out. Perhaps you will like it too.
 photo homer_zps049dbc83.jpg
Homer & The Don'ts Shindig Venezuela lp 1965
I'm Falling
Wasting My Time
Homer Don't
Off The Hook
I Know
Walking The Dog

Band memebers were Steve Shook , Mario Sejas,George Wiltzee Jr And Stephen Scott. Both Steves went onto Ladies WC. From Venezuela.just want to thank the dealer out of Europe who sold me the warped lp with skips. A-hole !!
Well thats it, we'll quit while were ahead
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Music Goes Round and Round !

 photo golly_zps9961a59d.jpg
The Golliwogs
Fight Fire
Fragile Child
You know who this band became (?)
 photo oopiks_zps637c8e59.jpg
The Oopiks
I Can Tell
I Don't Love You
Toronto group also known as Just Us. Go to the Garage Hangover page for more info . Tell him Mr Ed sent you.
 photo godfrey_zpsfb894233.jpgGodfrey
Down Whittier Blvd
Los Angeles DJ backed By Thee Midniters !!
 photo ipalas_zpsf1cf30b8.jpg
Thee Impalas
Oh Yeah
Come On Up
Another cool East Los Angeles group !

Thats All Folks !!!
Send old Mr Ed a few comments. Its Lonely around here !
Over and Out
Mr Ed

Surf's Up (Lp Style ) !! Pt 1

 photo dsurfers3_zps23ab6e3a.jpg
 photo 66167b8b-cd64-43c8-ba86-b9c9f9de9a89_zps966831f0.jpg
D'Surfers Altec Records Philippines 196?
Hot Doggin'
Surfin' memory
Riding Guitar
Texas Rider
YUP Surf music LP style. We'll start off with two from the Philippines .D'Surfers were Manuel Levy (LG), Mario Reyes (Bass), David Ordona (RG) and Rafael Jose (Drums ). The group was from Manila.

 photo rjamptheriots_zpsa8fd0ec2.jpg
RJ & The Riots Teenage Touch Of.... Rajah Lp Philippines 1962
Hungry Eye
RJ & The Riots were Ramon Jacinto (LG), Jimmie calayco (RG), Alan Austria (Bass) and Bernie Evangelista (Drums). This is their debut lp.
 photo speakers_zps50c5da65.jpg
The Speakers Sello Vergara Lp 196? Columbia
El Rey Del Surfin'
MS 63 64
El Gope Del Pajaro
Ciudad Sumergida
El Twist De Los Siete Hermanos
We jump the ocean to Columbia . We find The Speakers there. the group was Rodrigo Garcia, Humberto Monroy,Oswaldo Hernandez , Luis Duenas and Fernando Latorre. They seem to have been influenced by The Trashmen and cover two of their songs.
 photo aquinos_zpseacd3173.jpg
The Aquinos More adVentures with The Aquinos St Thomas Seminary Lp 1968
Road Runner
Blue Kat
Hanky Panky
Baby Elephant Walk
Hannibal, Missouri's pride "The Aquinos" . The band was Tom"Goober" Vaughn (Bass), Bruce Lammers ( LG), John Kroeger (Drums) , Charlie Schuckkenbrock (Accordion) , Bruce Hoskins (Organ) and Stan Williams (RG).
 photo sqidley_zps5b4a2e6d.jpg
Squiddly Diddly -Squiddly Diddly's Surfin' Safari Hanna Barbera Lp 196?
Shoot The Tube
Hang Ten
Like everything else , things ger exploited. Pretty decent surf lp from the people that brought you "The Flintstones" etc.
 photo pharaohs_zps880fcada.jpg
The Pharaohs
Friendly Martian
Unknown Planet
What the hell , Here are "The Pharaohs" from Victoria BC Canada. How they got on to Chattahoochee records is anybodys guess.
Ok Part one is done , look for the second part soon
Over & Out

Part two coming soon.