Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wonderful !

 photo wonders_zps712ec2b3.jpg
The Wonderfuls Estroncio 90 LP
Estas Cambiada
Argentinian group. I have no other info or an lp cover for this 10" lp.
 photo usc_zps1859bd37.jpg
Phi Mu Alpha Varsity Band lp 1973
Jesus Christ Superstar
Sanford and Son
You Go 49er's
Listen to The Band
California State Unviersity Band. Pretty decent lp.
 photo icee_zpse0d26075.jpg
Sticky Ickee
7-11 radio spot.
Okay thats it for now. How about some comments. If I can post these , you should be able to spend 5 minutes and comment
Over & Out
Mr Ed

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Anonymous said...

thanks for your recent postings, specially Estroncio 90, rare and beautiful indeed!

Michael Vee