Friday, February 6, 2015

The Rider

 photo pussycats_zps705a746e.jpg
The Pussycats
I Want Your Love
The Rider
Fab Girl Group. Anybody got any info on 'em ?
 photo caselli_zpsd904ddae.jpg
Caterina Caselli
 photo lolita_zps9c615891.jpg
Giovedi Venerdi
Two Italian singles , one by an Italian , the other by a German singer singing in Italian.You figure out which is which.
Enough Girl singers for now.
 photo condello_zps1bd5660d.jpg
Commodore Condello Makes a Comeback Ep
Side One
Sonic Boom
Soggy Cereal
Arizona group. Did an lp on Scepter Later (?)
Sorry I can't record the other two tracks on side 2
 photo roblow_zpsefce850c.jpg
Rob Lowery & The Rock Collection
Get Out My Life Woman
Organized Confusion
Want to thank the knothead at the Goodwill Outlet Store who put this back in the bins. One side is a standard , B-side is a cool instrumental waith a rave up. Group was from Tacoma Wa and were known as The Galaxies

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