Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Surf's Up " Surf Lp's Pt 2

OK Some of these lps could be called "Surf lps" stretching it . Anyway all decent lps.
 photo spg_zpseeca9d48.jpg
The Spark Plugs- Crazy Beat Sutton lp 196?
Painless Thoughts
Pillow Thoughts
Song titles do not match the songs. Pretty sure the first song is called "Chicken". Not even sure if all the songs are done by the same group.
 photo sentinals_zpsec553705.jpg
The Sentinals Vegas A Go Go Sutton Lp 196?
Get It
The Swim
Same band as the two Lps on Del Fi I think (?) This must be 1965 or later.
 photo the_impacs_zps371c68d2.jpg
The Impacs Impact by.... King Lp
Voo Doo USA
Moonlight Mist
Good Good Lovin'
Shimmy Shimmy
Kool It
Pretty hot Lp from this Florida group. The had a second lp . Check out their website for more info.
 photo invictas_zps06148885.jpg
The Invictas- Jet Set with the..... 20th Century Fox lp 1964
Point Lookout
East Coast group. Thats all I know.
 photo 99df4c1b-7938-419b-be3a-4691b50e7dfa_zpsc47217f5.png
The Venturas Here They Are Drumboy Lp 1964
Chicago group. well the labels from Chicago.

Ok Thats It for now !!
Got a few more for a later date.
Over & Out
Mr Ed

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Anonymous said...

Keep up your good work Mr. Ed, enjoy those obscure records from all over the world. Greetings from Holland