Sunday, February 1, 2015

Picks to Click...

Yeah right !
 photo corals_zps10fb4947.jpg
The Corals- The Puppet
Girl Group. I Like it.
 photo synanon_zps2aef17ee.jpg
Sounds Of Synanon
Hoop La
Funky sounding instrumental.
 photo lions_zps1cca0efc.jpg
Jim & Melissa
Long Distance Blues
When was this recorded ? 1920 or the late 1960's?
On the world famous "Lion's Head Recordings" label !!

Now onto some more "world' records.
 photo peps_zps3649ae80.jpg
The Peps
I Found Out
Foolish Day
 photo names_zps3582f18b.jpg
Names and Faces
You're an Old Leaf
Keep Smiling
Couple of 45's out of the Netherlands . (Dutch Beat)
 photo rebbs_zps823c6046.jpg
The Rebbels
Monkey Monkey
Come Back
German group. There's a website of this group. Look it up .
 photo beatniks_zps3eb1f56e.jpg
The Beatniks
No Finjas Mas
We jump the Altlantic Ocean onto the shores or Argentina for The Beatniks. Heard this was a 200 copy pressing (?)
 photo boyadan_zpsc965f949.jpg
Boy Adan & The Grandeurs
Phantom Riders
Dancing Shoes
 photo eddiemesa_zps3b5a99d8.jpg
Eddie Mesa & The Hi-Jacks
Roll Over Beethoven
Another jump across the Pacific Ocean to the Phillipines

DiG It !!
Over & Out
Mr Ed

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