Monday, February 23, 2015

Surf Lps Pt 3

Was gonna put these in Part 2 but ran out of time last night
 photo candyjohnson_zps265880b3.jpg
Candy Johnson Show Featuring Candy Johnson & The Exciters Canjo LP
Introduction & Bumble Boogie
Yes Sir Thats My Baby
Candy Johnson of Bikini Beach movie fame. The Exciters were her husband's group.
 photo munsters_zpse4e8e24a.jpg
The Munsters The Newest Teenage Singing Group Decca LP
Eerie Beach
Frankenstein Had a Hot Rod
Another exploito lp. This time it's "The Munsters". The Lp is no great shakes
 photo star_zps9cf95eed.jpg
Battle of The Bands Starr Lp Hawaii 1964
The Renegades
The Ward
The Statics
Static Beat
Kona Casuals
The Rivals
War Of The Satellites
last Night
Pretty decent Live battle of the bands from Hawaii. The first three songs listed is the top 3 groups.
 photo celtics_zps075b5cc4.jpg
The Celtics Seven-0-Seven Leomatic Lp
Celtic Blues
Mashi Don't Twist
Filipino Group.

Thats it for now.
Over & Out
Mr Ed

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful uploads!

The upload from the Candy Johnson Show, Yes Sir that's my baby is in fact the road runners - have you ever had the blues.
Any chance of a re-upload?