Thursday, February 12, 2015

Big Batch of Whatever...

 photo acads_zps90bbe464.jpg
Road Runner
 photo ourcen_zpsf62e67ce.jpg
Our Generation
Cool Summer
Out To Get Light
A-cads were from South Africa . One of the members was in Our Generation after he moved to Montreal Canada. The Haunted's singer Bob Burgess was in Our Generation. More info can be found at the Garage Hangover site.
 photo sos_zps713fa8d3.jpg
Sounds Of Six
Believe in Me
Gypsy Woman
Another one of the countless groups from the Philippines.
 photo derb_zpsd352d548.jpg
Derby Hatville
Turn into Earth
Texas group does the Yardbirds proud.
 photo monstru_zps068861f5.jpg
Los Montruos
No Le Corras
Mexican group . Dig it !
 photo kam_zps46867169.jpg
I'm Gonna Tell You Pt 1
I'm Gonna Tell You Pt 2
A Sunny Day
Cool Group from Yugoslavia. Not sure which group I like better Defini or this group. All the songs were from a movie "Sonci Krik" . The members of Kameleoni were Goran Tavcar, Tuljo Furlanc , Vanja Valic and Jadran Ogrin.

Well another batch of goodies down
Over and Out
Mr Ed

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