Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A little of This , Alot of That....

 photo orly_zps6f821e7e.jpg
Orly Ilicad & The Ramrods
Artie Twist
Lucky "7" Twist
 photo downbeats_zpsc2337d61.jpg
The Downbeats
Lets try again
Couple from the Philippines. Dig It !
 photo distortions_zps17fde766.jpg
Smokestack Lightning
Hot Version out of Alabama !!
 photo amer_zps3cd134cb.jpg
Ronnie Fitz w/ The Country Fiddlers Trio
God Bless America Again
Another one's version of what's wrong with america and how it should be.
 photo jimmyheapshow_zps825e9fb6.jpg
Jimmy Heap Show Here's To Ya Lp
Like this guys version of Let It All Hang Out. Perhaps you will like it too.
 photo homer_zps049dbc83.jpg
Homer & The Don'ts Shindig Venezuela lp 1965
I'm Falling
Wasting My Time
Homer Don't
Off The Hook
I Know
Walking The Dog

Band memebers were Steve Shook , Mario Sejas,George Wiltzee Jr And Stephen Scott. Both Steves went onto Ladies WC. From Venezuela.just want to thank the dealer out of Europe who sold me the warped lp with skips. A-hole !!
Well thats it, we'll quit while were ahead
Over & Out
Mr Ed


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great songs.
If you have the flip to Orly Ilicad, called Lucky 7, can you post that please if you have time,

nadorozny2001 said...

i'm surpized nobody has listened to the homer & the dont's stuff. its pretty strong. i'll dig up the b side today

waxhound said...

That "Homer Don't" is hilarious.
Version of Carl Perkins' "Honey Don't"


FMccs said...

been searching for the Shindig LP for years .. I can cry little girl, because were not uploaded to youtube any reason why? I do want to thank you for uploading some of the songs. good memories .... new them all of them...