Saturday, February 14, 2015


 photo 7up_zpsdcfb5ac7.jpg
Dominion Seven Up Company LTD
Cold Hearted Woman Track 1
Cold Hearted Woman Track 2
 photo standells_zps981a9c58.jpg
Here's To Veterans Program 1106
The Standells
 photo rempins_zpse447ee77.jpg
Voices of Vista 474
The Remains
You'd think somebody would have caught the spelling mistake !

Extra bonus
Question Mark & The Mysterians (Sorry no photo )
 photo the-kingsmen-trouble-wand_zps50227e37.jpg
The Kingsmen

Mixed bag of nuts. I have a 3 page article on the Remains from Teen Set magazine March 1965 that I need to post.
Later Daze
Mr Ed

1 comment:

waxhound said...

Hi Ed

That "Cola Hearted Woman" is awesome.
It's got to be a Toronto group.
Wonder who it might be.
Maybe The Secrets/Quiet Jungle.
The voice sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it.


PS Can't download from box for some reason.