Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Split Image


Another UK group that relocated to Singapore.
The Split Image
Don't Go Away-

No Never-



pfft said...

Good to have you back, Ed!

This is a great song, comped on one of the Incredible Sound Show Stories LP's.

I'd love to hear the flip-side as well, unless it's totally unlistenable.

Toots McGlee said...

You got anything by the Quests? Are you going to the "Society of Seven" concert at the Emerald Queen Casino?

nadorozny2001 said...

mr kendall mentioned that the society of sven are playing. maybe they can do gimme gimme good loving if we request it. i have stuff by the quests

Anonymous said...

'Don't go away' is great. I was reading about these characters in a Singapore music rag of the day - the writer thought they had one of the strangest names ever. Of course, back then people hadn't even thought of names like People With Chairs Stuck Up Their Noses!~


Tooty Happenjacker said...

Didn't the "People With Chairs Stuck Up Thier Noses" have a hit song? "You're Sitting On My Sinuses"

maureen said...
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maureen said...

Hi, regarding Split Image. I am Joe Thompson's son, glad to see some of you are still enjoying their music!

Steve: If you or anyone else has any further info on Split Image, magazines, etc it would be great to see them, as my sister and I have no info from back then.


Greg Thompson

split image member said...

Hello Chris Tadd here.

Just came across this Blog re Split Image, the band I was in in 1966. I am still playing all these years later! Sadly Rick died in 2009, the only one I kept in touch with.

Glad you like the song...