Monday, January 12, 2009

5 Man Cargo

Vancouver Group who are strong on the harmonies. I posted this on but it deserves more than one download. They originally were from Hong Kong & were known as " The Kontinentals".The Kontinentals had one 45 "I Think Of Her" B/w "I Still Love You.
More info on the PNW bands site. Also if you ever see the video of this band on CBC's Where it's At, get it. They do a Killer version of "the Hollies " "I'm Alive " !
If a Song Is Enough-
Banner Man-


Hendrick Langston said...

These guys had a drummer that went on to be in ULTRAVOX?!?!??! Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed, do you have the single by Python, Warren Cann the drummer was also in that band, PNW bands has a pic of their 45. If you've got it, please consider that a "request".

All ways cool stuff, thanks, Perkeo

nadorozny2001 said...

sorry i don't have the python record. it does look interesting though