Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year !!

PhotobucketMr Ed is back !!! Got some records on tap later today or tomorrow. Thanks for all the comments , requests. Will get something by Pembroke Ltd up soon, also the Four Kingsmen . Both are requests.
Work was a blast !! Well actually nothing spectacular. I've got tendonitis in my right arm, feel like shit etc etc. I did find a few 78's , a couple by Elvis & one by The Sonny Terry Trio which will be posted later on.
On a sad note the Great "Robert Ward" has passed away.
There's more info here about it-
More later
Mr Ed


Jones McJones esq. said...

The thinking man's Twiggy... she was great in "Privilege".

Anonymous said...

Ed, Happy New Year to you and Muchas Gracias for posting all 4 tracks by Pembroke Ltd. -- please take my word that your efforts here are very much appreciated (So don't quit!) I might suggest that you don't have to post quite so many tracks each time, in other words "pace yourself". I don't mind being fed less goodies all at once so I can digest each 45 before the next one arrives here in a day or few...

John Berg