Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sorry !!

About getting you fired for looking at the "Nmypho Housewife" pic. Thats how it goes.
I"ve added another Challengers track "Little Big Man". I just forgot to post it.


Buck Turgidson said...

"That's how it goes"? thats all you have to say is "That's how it goes"? I got four kids (that I know of) three boats, two jet skis, and car payments for three SUVs!! I'm gonna' have to cancel my trip to Yucatan this year because of Mr. Ed Music Round Up!!! And all you have to say is "That's how it goes"? Thanks Mr. Ed Music Round Up.

nadorozny2001 said...

look thats how it goes. don't look at the site then. no one forced you to look

ana-b said...

Buck's comment reeks of BS on numerous levels..

Hey Ed, i just found your blog and am really astounded at what you've posted here..

count me as major fan...thank you for your efforts..