Monday, January 26, 2009

After 4

CTV's After 4 .
Tv teen show out of Toronto that had different groups appear . Anyway Yorkville Records put out an lp with the Ugly Ducklings, Ronnie Hawkins etc. Here's Three of the better cuts. The Ugly Ducklings cut "Epilouge " is abysmal to say the least.
Ronnie Hawkins
Mary Jane
The Scarlett Ribbon
4 in the Afternoon
Big Town Boys
Do It to Them


ana-b said...

geeze.. i though for a moment that maybe you had posted something boring...

i was, of course, wrong...the Ronnie Hawkins is killer..

and i have a feeling i'm going to be obsessively playing 4 O'clock in the Morning...well, at 4 oclock in the morning..

the Big Town Boys cut aint no slacker either...


Anonymous said...

Do you think it's the band soon to be titled "Crowbar" on "Mary Jane"?

I always thought "Four In The Morning " was a cool song. This version is up there with the Sunshine Company and Ant Trip Ceremony. Yay for everybody!!!

waxhound said...

Hi Mr. Ed

Turns out The Scarlett Ribbon is none other than The Quiet Jungle (aka The Secrets) under a pseudonym!


Marc (Canada)