Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Out Of Curiosity


Did any one of you win "the Bryan Neale & The Easybeats" ep on Ebay ? I bid on it but lost .
I hate to say this but I'm starting to lose interest in this blog. I'll still post stuff but I'm having a hard time finding cool music for it .
I will post "the Split Image" A-Side Later Also a Uk group called "the Funscrew" who also recorded in Singapore.
Anyway I'd love to hear some comments from you
Mr Ed


RP said...

I often feel the same about my blog. The small amount of feedback and comments you get doing these things doesn't help!

You've posted a massive amount of cool music and it would be a real shame to see the blog go. How about posting just a couple or records at a time, or just one even?

I began posting lots and soon ran out of steam. I've started posting less in the vain hope that it might actually generate a few comments (i can but hope....)


pfft said...

It would be a real shame if you quit, Ed.
This blog, plus Richard's Peach Fuzz Forest and Chris' Garage Hangover are the 3 greatest blogs out there, no competition.

I totally understand that the lack of comments can be frustrating, and I often feel I should have been leaving more comments myself... In fact, I hereby declare this as my new year resolution!!

Looking forward to the Split Image flip and the 45 by the Funscrew, which I've never heard of before.

Jumpy Grimes said...

I hope you get fired up again and keep doing your blog. I just found out about it last month and have had a blast hearing all those great 45's.

Kyle Green said...

Great blog Ed. If you give it up, you will be missed. Thank you for the time and effort you put into manning this site.

Clear Light said...

Please don't lose interest in uploading all these cool and obscure sounds, Ed. Even if there are not so many comments it doesn't maen all your effort is not appreciated.

Shy Boy said...

I have just found this blog via U-Spaces. It contains very interesting and rare music honestly, so it would be a pity if you quit. Your effort is very appreciated, thank you very much.

Chris said...

You feature stuff no one else does. It was tough for me to keep up with the immense amounts of early posts. Don't burn out!

Sometimes it takes months for comments to show up on an artist. Better to wait for some interesting info or insight than have a bunch of 'this is great' comments.

Copernicus Batterneftenn said...

This is GREAT!!!

Expo67 said...

Mr Ed...Don't feel that every time you post a 45 you need to attach an MP3...just write about the record, research the band etc and let your readers decide if they want to go out and buy the record.

I more or less stopped putting MP3s on my site because it was too time consuming and hardly anyone thanked me anyway. So I very much doubt I'll post music on my site anymore.

Also I'd like to thank pfft for forgetting about my blog 'Renaissance Fair' which in my opinion is way up there with anything I've stumbled across on the net.

pfft said...

Jesus, Colin, you're right! I *did* forget about your blog - shame on me!!
Re Chris' comment: I'm pretty sure the main reason for lack of comments is exactly that - that most readers have no info to add, other than saying 'great record', 'this is cool' etc., which I would assume is not too interesting to read for anyone.

Anyway, keep on rockin', Ed, and don't listen to Colin - keep posting those hi-quality mp3's ;)

Dee said...

One of the best blogs out there!!!! Keep it going ed!!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!!!

nadorozny2001 said...

thanks for all your input. personally i feel kind of jipped when someone writes about a band , shows the record but does'nt put any music up.
I will keep posting etc . right now is just a weird time.
Mr Ed

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

I 100% agree with pfft: no doubt Mr Ed is one of the very best sites in all the garage-comunity.I check it on a daily basis and your finds gave me lots of delightful moments, so please keep Mr Ed a-goin'. I, too, get only few feedback to my site but the ones that wrote me were all really very nice and encouraging, so it's quality not quantity that counts. Thanks a lot for your generous labor of love and please keep the fire burning!

MichaelVee - Milano

PS: I disagree with Expo 67: only showning cover-scans and write some witty lines about the music is boring and childish, like to say "I've got this rare 45 and you don't" (unless you BUY it, mate)

nadorozny2001 said...

Hey renaisance fair is a cool blog. i used to try to find band members etc but after some bad experience dealing with some i'd rather just leave them alone. i remember this one time when i talked to one member who could'nt remember anyone from an old band !
I give kudos to every person who has a blog. the time you spend on it, posting music etc is most gratifying. & A big thank you to all of you

Dr. Troppo said...

Ditto everbody else; keep up the good work Ed! I also bid on the Bryan Neale EP and didn't get it. Somehow it's nice to know there is something we both don't have :) By the way, I did get that Han River Angels EP and Guantanamera is well worth putting up as well.