Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beer Time

I think I'm gonna give it a rest for a few days. As you can see I'm a wealth of information (Not).
Just got a comment from Steve King who did "Satan is Her Name", anyaway come check out his radio show etc here

So if there's anything you would like to add , your comments are most welcome.
Mr Ed


Prof. Teatopper Bumgarden esq. CPA said...

Ah yes... well done Squire. I must give you a hefty congratulation for including a relic from the bygone era of good tasting beer. A beer so refreshing that it promoted activities such as bike riding. Could Acme have been the world's first "Health Beer"? The possibilities are staggering.

Also I might have to add another "hat's off" and a deep prolonged bow for exhuming Steve King. He's got quite a few things going for him, although there's also quite a few liabilities. Number one benefit is the slight chance that he "might" be buddies with Dick Biondi!! Number two is the fantastic waxing of "Satan is Her Name". Liabilities include having worked with "Chicago's'" Peter Cetera. Also he works for the gloriously bankrupted company called Tribune as part of WGN "World's Greatest Newspaper" radio interest. The latter is more of a liability for himself not necessarily for US.

Now can you please post some of that Pinkiny Canandy LP. I'm assuming it's from Canadia.

nadorozny2001 said...

no they are english