Monday, January 5, 2009

Pembroke LTD

Both 45's by this Trail,BC Canada group who recorded down in The USA & played around Spokane,Wa.They started out as The Renegades, then as The Piltdown Men & changed their name to "Pembroke LTD" after hearing another group named "The Piltdown Men"that recorded "Brontasurus Stomp" Pembroke LTD was used due to it sounding British & no company in The USA used LTD in their name.
I'd like to dedicate this to George Turner who was the bass player & passed away last year.
More info in Misty Lane magazine & also the PNW bands website
Love's So Easy Now-
Time Was Slow-
It Ain't So (?)-


Mad Maxx said...

Hey Ed,

Do you have the 2nd Pembrook Ltd 45 - It Won't Last / Time Was Slow on Debutone 780? I've never seen it.

-- Rich

Mad Maxx said...

Damn! Posted that 1st comment before I saw the whole post. Thanks for sharing this!

I think the bside to 780 is titled "It Won't Last".

-- Rich

nadorozny2001 said...

your probablly right about the b side title. i could'nt remember it

waxhound said...

Hi Ed

Nice to find you on the web!

Hope you are doing well.

Happy New Year!

Marc (Canada)

Jones McJones esq. said...

A very distinctive sound. Can you please put up The Gas Company on your uploading apparatus?