Friday, March 27, 2009

Sputnick Dance

Here's a couple of songs by "The Equadors" , not sure if this is the group that "Chuck Berry" recorded with
Sputnick Dance
Stay A While Later


waxhound said...

Hi Ed

Nope. Not the Chuck Berry group.

That was The Ecuadors, and it certainly wasn't on RCA, and it's a much earlier vintage than this record. It was before Chuck recorded for Chess, so early 50s.


Marc (Canada)

Boursin said...

In fact the Ecuadors record was released as late as November 1959, on Argo, a subsidiary label of Chess. This RCA EP (which I agree is not the same group) is from 1958.

Before Chess, Chuck played guitar on another record by Joe Alexander & The Cubans, and it's that record you were probably thinking of.

Anonymous said...

my father richard campbell was a promo maniger for wiley studios back in early 60s.i was a little boy at the time and i got to watch bands like the wailers, sonics and galixes record,im just looking for anyone from that time in tacoma.. scott