Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ronnies Night House

Thought this might be a NW record but could be from Florida as its published by " Seminole Music " . Anyway one side is a cool vocal & the other is a wild instrumental. Anybody got any info who this is ?
The Pearlescents
Ronnies Night house
Vic & Bob of The Pearlescents
I'm The One

Thats it for this week !
Mr Ed


ana-b said...

the instrumental rocks!..

no info Pearlescents and ya get Seminole Music and ya get american indian Vic and Bob and ya get the english comedy JOC records and ya get umpteen listings for Yung Joc...

google sucks..

nice record though...thanks..


MrTeenSwe said...

Haven't got much info on the group but the label had at least one more record out

JOC #100 - Joe Val - Baby Of Mine and that record is published by "Gil Music Corp. EMI, USA"