Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'd Rather Be Blind (In My Eyes Than In My Soul

I call "Benny Dean " Mr Hard Luck. Check out the link to read his life story-
Anyway some nice fuzz on this C&W song
Whole Lotta Woman

Well thats is for this week(?) Comments are most appreciated & welcome.
Take Care
Mr Ed


junnbunny said...

This is my grandfather! If anyone has any information on where i could possibly find more of his music please contact me!

Anonymous said...

Junnbunny, I played piano/keyboards with your grandfather on this album, and quite possibly the "Paradise Knife and Gun" album. I only know of these two albums. I used to hear him play around the Washington, DC area. What became of Benny? It's been quite a long time. Contact me at brian8888 at y ahoo dot com.

Anonymous said...

I play drums for him now. He is in Madison TN. Not in very good health.

neal h said...

I played with Benny for ten years ...I just herd he passed away 12/11/13 in his sleep. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. So very sad to hear that. Such a nice person and I loved listening to him sing. He always called my mom his "Number one fan". :) We listened to him at the Montgomery County Md fairgrounds, outside inn, American Legion hall, and I still have a ticket from his show up our way at a church pavilion in Barnesville Md. Have quite a few pictures somewhere here in the house. We used to keep in touch every Christmas and then lost track of him. I had heard he went to Nashville but didn't here any more. God bless him. RIP Benny. Say hi to your #1 fan for me. ;) Condolences to his family. Sharon (Myers) Hagy

Anonymous said...

I played with Benny from his first job at "Charlies" On Georgia Ave in Silver Springs, MD all the way up to the Grand Ol Opry Road Shows produced by Rudy Callicut. I used to pick him up & take him home for every job. In fact, I laid down the Bass line on the demo for this album, (I still have the original copy he gave me). The bass line here is almost a duplicate of what I did. After He moved to Nashville, we spoke by phone a few times but later got out of touch. It's a relief to finally hear news about him even though it's very, very sad news. In case I played with any of you guys that are posting here, I'm Dwight Pittman, bass player. I live in St Louis, MO now.

Brian P. said...

Benny was a good friend of ours growing up. We first met him through a friend, who invited him to play at my parents New Years Eve party in 1972. We all became friends and would see each other from time to time. When my father passed away in 1998, we hadn't seen Benny in several years since he moved to Nashville to cut an album. He got wind of his passing and called to give his condolences. He didn't leave a number to be reached, or an address, so we never saw him again, but we loved Benny. I just read above that he passed away. I didn't know that until now. I'm am heavy of heart right now. God Bless you, Benny.