Monday, March 2, 2009

Feeling Better Today/ Update

Oregon group "The Music Prism"
Feeling Better Today

Well I could be feeling better today but here's a bunch of records for your listening pleasure. I've added a new link for the James & the Bondsmen "Look What Your Doing " file. Also added the link to "Mister Soul". I've added the B-side to Willie Harper's "A Certain Girl" , sorry it's through rapidshare but box net would not upload the song.Added the music lik to tennyson stephens"rain rain rain". Wondered why nobody downloaded the song. How bout sending in some comments. Yeah i like to get them . If you can spend the time downloading these you can ad a cooment too.
We'll see what tomorrow brings


ana-b said...

oh wow...

thanks soooo much for the b-side of the Willie Harper....ya know, it's really a very beautiful i haven't heard before..

Harper only put out about 10 singles and is closely associated with Allen Toussaint, who as far as i know produced all of them except this record..

or thats how it appears to me cause i'm just guessing that the production credit given to Big Q, combined with the arranging credit to D.C. Wardell....means that Wardell Quezerque is responsible for the record..

mardi gras threw my schedule off...looks like i have a bunch of downloads to catch up with here..

many thanks in advance...


ana-b said...

oh, since there's no scan of the b-side...any chance you could let me know who gets writers credit for 'You Don't Love Me Anymore'?...that is, if it's not too much trouble...

i'm just curious..


nadorozny2001 said...

i will have a look for the song writers later today.