Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grover Jackson

Here's some more songs by Grover Jackson who passed away last year. He had a TV Show here called "The Bill & Grover Show" on KTNT , Tacoma. I'd give you more info but i don't have any.Anyway this one is for you , Grover ! The first five songs feature Grover Jackson on Guitar.
Artie Shibley
Hot Woodpecker Rag
Dusty Blossom Boogie

Art Mineo
Frenchy Guitar

Bill Griffith
Hey Little Judy
Think About Me

Grover Jackson, Bill Griffith & Dean Manuel
Red Wing

Grover's Boogie #1

Downhill Drag

Grover's Boogie #2

Downhill Drag #2


Hey Little Judy #2

Think About Me #2

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waxhound said...

Hi Ed

I think that's "Arkie" Shibley, not Artie.


Marc (Canada)