Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Barry Allen

Here's a couple of tunes from Barry Allen's Going Places" lp
Louie Louie

It's Alright With Me now


ana-b said...

It's All Right With Me Now is great...i've never heard it before..


waxhound said...

Hey Ed!

Nice find there.

Always fine to hear another great version of "Louie Louie"!


Marc (Canada)

Richard Bunky Bell said...

I sure need this complete album and any other Barry Allen. I sure do uh huh.

Flanders Beat (Eddy) said...

It's allright with me now, is orriginally a record from the Belgian sixties group THE PEBBLES from ANtwerp. The song was produced by Norman Petty...
If someone want the orriginal version of The Pebbles can write an e-mail to me

from Flanders Beat (Eddy)
flandersbeat AT

Anonymous said... is about to release a CD on barry

Anonymous said...