Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ukrainian R & R "D Drifters 5- Sing Beatle Hits & Others"

Sorry no Beatles songs but fine covers of "Keep A Knockin, Words of Love & Farmer John" by this Winnepeg Combo

Keep a Knockin-

Words Of Love-
Farmer John-

While your listening to the tunes , have a quick boo at "The Premiers" who had the hit with "Farmer John"


The Wonderful World of Chris said...

Anyone have any idea where I can find a copy of this one. My grandfather had this one and it was one of his favorites but it got destroyed in a house fire.

Anonymous said...

I have a copy if you're interested in purchasing it. Just leave a msg here

RODRIGO said...

I've found this LP "I Hate Beatles" wich has a Drifters' "I Feel Fine" version. And some other "Ich bin die Beat oma"