Friday, November 21, 2008

Vince Chu w/ The Tyros


Forget where this record is from. Either Malaysia or Singapore but I like it
Spin Out-
I Will Be Back-


Dr. Troppo said...

Great. They apparently called him 'Malaysia's No. 2 Elvis Presley Impersonator' (after Rocky Teoh). The second track is a rip off of Gang Kelintji, Lilis Surjani's first hit, written by Titiek Puspa. Totally diffrent lyrics, though.

Anonymous said...

Vince Chu was actually the Elvis Presley of Penang. As ELVIS of Malaysia he rank just below ROCKY TEOH. He was actually an Indonesian studying in Penang in the early 60s. Anyone has any info on where he is today?


Dr.Aaron King said...

Recently I bought a very nice CD "Vince Chu sings Forever" featuring 10 of his songs recorded from the 1960s.Lots of scratchy record stylus sound but still very nostalgic and nice!
Dr.Aaron King