Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hip Tune '67 Flexi

Dunno what this is advertising for but Dig this Flexi disc !-
Eddy & the Eddysons-
Oh So Wrong-
Oh Susannah-


Anonymous said...

. it's an anti smoking-campaign


Chris said...

Dutch group, Eddy Nelson & the Eddysons they have another picture sleeve, photo of the band on it, "I Count the Tears" that sounds just like "Let's Live for Today' but it's good.

Anonymous said...

It was released in 1967 in my country Holland as part of an anti-smoking campaign I have it too , Dr Meinsma is heard telling us young people that smoking is very bad.He did not realize that our country would soon become the world's leading narco- state, thanks to our governments.