Monday, November 24, 2008

The Rusty Nail

Another Singapore group !! A good one at that too !!!
Ooh Baby-
What You Do To me-

Here's a direct link to larger covers for you-

Front Cover-


kyle green said...

One of my favorite beat tracks. It appears on a Daddy Clap Hands comp. Thank you for the posting.

pfft said...

Great stuff.
Here's what the liners to Incredible Sound Show Stories vol. 9 has to say about it:

An obscure pressing of these unknowns from the U.K. They were rumored to be in the Royal Airforce stationed in Singapore where they played the club scene for their colonial partners. Unfortunately there are no traces of further recordings or releases elsewhere, but this is a blinding guitar driven punk stomper. The flip is a more commercial affair, but who cares?!

Ed, I would love to hear the rest of the songs - esp. Boris The Spider!

pfft said...

Oh, onen other thing:
would it be possible to post larger pics of the cover?
Sorry to bother you, but it just looks so cool!

pfft said...

Thanks a lot for the larger covers + the upcoming "Boris The Spider" - highly appreciated!!

Dr. Troppo said...

Very cool! I had never heard of them before this

Delinquent said...

FANTASTIC!! I too hadn't heard this before. Thanks!!