Thursday, November 20, 2008

Patrick RSVP


Label mate to Jimi & Faine Jade. Anyone know anything about him ?


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Anonymous said...

Book Fuzz acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson says:
1 Move/Five Different Girls (RSVP 1117) 1966
2 All Over Again/Don't Let This Room Become Your World (RSVP 1119) 1967
3 Where You Gettin' Your Kicks Now?/We Gotta Stick It Out (PS) (RSVP 1122) 1967

A young black singer, who was featured on "Hullabaloo" for a while. Produced by Gilligan and Hutch Davie (who co-wrote both songs with R. Alfred), his first single is folk rock with funny lyrics and a "wall of sound" production including harmonica, harpsichord, guitar, horns, male and female vocals. It's rather interesting.

Thanks for the song!
Greez Nel