Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kinks Wannabees

The Loose Ends , Dunno on these guys but they have that 1966-67 Kinks English country side sound

Dead End Kid-


pfft said...

Great 45, very Kinks-y.

I found this info in an eBay auction:

For those looking to go all the way back to Texas with T-Bone Burnette, you'll had a hard time going any further back than this single from 1967. This is only his second appearance on record, and he's hidden behind the group name The Loose Ends.

He was only 19 years old at the time, and was part of the music scene in Ft. Worth, Texas. Instead of going to college, he opened up his own recording studio and worked with many area musicians, including the soul group The Van Dykes.

Anonymous said...

This is country music star and music producer T-Bone Burnette and his Texas teenage musician friends who later released a rare 1968 LP under the name Whistler Chaucer Detroit and Greenhill. These same musicians (minus T Bone Burnett) later morphed into a prog rock group called Space Opera. This same group released a heavily Beatles-Rubber Soul inspired 45 before this one under the name of Loose Ends (A Free Soul / He's A Nobody). On this first 45, the singer (not sure if its TBone himself) tries to emulate John Lennon's Liverpool accent and vocal mannerisms and gets about 80% of the way there.

I've been looking for this 45 and its songs for quite some time. If you like country rock, folk rock, or psychedelic rock, I encourage you to listen to the Whistler album. Thanks for sharing!