Friday, November 21, 2008

Dee Tees UK R&B Comes To Singapore


Royal Navy Dudes who were stationed in Singapore. I chose three cuts , never liked "She Belongs to Me" .
Just Because-
Big Boss Man-
Got Love If You Want It-


Anonymous said...

Oh Man, so much great Asian beat tracks! Thank you so much Ed.

pfft said...

Read the Dee-Tee's story here (and check out some super cool pictures):

Tony G said...

The band was named "THE DEE-TEES" by the Drummer Tony Greenwood when he joined the HMS Eagle from another ship .He was the drummer with a band called" The Dynamic Trundlers." ( Can you see where the DTs came from?) They played a lot in Hong Kong,and Singapore, and had a good following there.He still has a great set of drums, but doesnt play as often, but he does miss playing!! Love to all.TG.