Monday, November 17, 2008

Immediate Records Acetate Updated

PhotobucketNo idea who this is . the top side(this side) is wrecked.
Here's the B Side-

Sweetness of Soul-


pfft said...

This song is "Why Can't They All Go And Leave Me Alone" by London combo Twice As Much. Your version sounds identical to the official 1967 release on Immediate (IM 042).

The flipside looks intrigueing, though. Younghusband/Gerrard equals The Warm Sounds of "Birds and Bees" fame, and as far I can tell they (nor Twice As Much) released a song called Sweetness Of Soul.
Is the song completely unplayable? If not, I would love to hear it!

Anonymous said...

This duo was the Warm Sounds, who had a hit with *The birds and Bees in early 67, later Danny Gerrard recorded an excellent Lp in 1969 in the UK called *Sinister morning, which is quite close to the then kinks sound.
Beautiful site Ed, Best of,
Joe Vromen